Insulin Buddy Diabetes Manager

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Insulin Buddy Diabetes Manager

Marco Krapf,

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Apple Medical 1.3 February 06, 2018 0.0

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Version 1.3 released on February 06, 2018
◉ How do you feel today? Good? Okay lets go! ◉ Possibility to calculate minus corrections ◉ Larger font size for total units ◉ Bugfixes ◉ Please send us your feedback!

Version 1.2 released on August 08, 2017
◉ How do you feel today? Good? Okay lets go! ◉ Add a total section that shows meal and correction units cumulated. Thanks goes to Sammie! ◉ Add a new page called "Community". Shows you diabetics around you! Join the community if your like! ◉ Check out ◉ Some misspelling in English ◉ Bugfixes ◉ Please send us your feedback!

Version 1.1 released on November 07, 2016
◉ Bugfixes ◉ Test the today widget for quick calculations on the lockscreen ◉ Please send us your feedback!

Version 1.0 released on October 17, 2016

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App Description

You know that. Before each meal you must estimate the carbohydrates and then calculate the correct dose of insulin. Pretty boring what? Insulin buddy helps you calculate the right dose of insulin. You just have to specify how much carbohydrate you take to you and the app automatically calculates the appropriate dose for you. Cool what? How does it work? ◉ It is important that you know your insulin factors (morning, noon and evening) ◉ Enter your factors in the app (e.g. 10g carbohydrates = 1.5 units of insulin) ◉ The app calculates the appropriate amount of insulin for a meal based on your values   Features: ◉ Insulin buddy has been developed for type 1 diabetics ◉ Insulin buddy calculates the insulin units for a certain amount of carbohydrates, based on your insulin factors ◉ You can enter various insulin factors (morning, noon, and evening) ◉ You can also enter insulin corrections (morning, noon, and evening) ◉ Includes convenient Today Widget for quick calculations on the lockscreen ◉ Includes iMessage Stickers ◉ Optimized for iPhone and iPad ◉ Supports mmol/L und mg/dL ◉ Clear and easy to use user interface   Please consider the following: Discuss with your doctor how high your insulin factor is for morning, noon and evening for each 10g of carbohydrates. It is very important that you know these values ​​exactly. Your insulin factor changes depending on the time of day. Determine these factors for morning, noon and evening. If you are doing sports, are sick, or simply run a little beside the role, the insulin factor also changes. For special activities, you need to customize your insulin therapy because the values ​​in the app only reflect the "normal" state. Insulin buddy is an assistance, not a sorcerer. Please use the app only if you know exactly Diabetes Mellitus and your values. Also calculate your insulin units on paper and compare the results with the app. Be always attentive in dealing with insulin and prefer to measure your sugar level again than vice versa.     Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback about insulin buddy!

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Insulin Buddy Diabetes Manager Screenshot Insulin Buddy Diabetes Manager Screenshot Insulin Buddy Diabetes Manager Screenshot

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