iSweetIt 2.0 - Screenshot & Mockup

iSweetIt 2.0 - Screenshot & Mockup

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  • iSweetIt 2.0 - Screenshot & Mockup Screenshot
  • iSweetIt 2.0 - Screenshot & Mockup Screenshot
  • iSweetIt 2.0 - Screenshot & Mockup Screenshot
  • iSweetIt 2.0 - Screenshot & Mockup Screenshot

Photo & Video Keywords Position

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Create beautiful product screenshots in real environments on the fly. We have created over 80 beautiful templates for you in 4 categories and offer additional downloadable templates:

- Portrait (Phones and Tablets)
- Landscape (Phones, Tablets and Notebooks)
- Citylights and Billboards
- Misc (CDs, Folders, Books, VCards,...)

Select one of our Stages, click inside and choose your picture to place it. You can grab the images from your photo library or from Dropbox. A few seconds later, the image is pasted into the template.

You can change the overlay modes of the image:
-add reflections on phones, tablets and notebooks
- insert shadows into your billboard and stationary layouts

This really sweet, isn't it? We do not just overlay your image, we place it inside and make it look, like if it would be on location.

You need just the phone or notebook without any background? No problem, we included transparent layouts, so you can change the background on your own!

Grab and change your background for transparent stages from your:
- photo library
- camera
- dropbox

Furthermore you can crop and stretch your image to fit into the desired device (this is useful, if you had been lazy during creating your designs).

Export in two sizes:
- 1652*1102 for web
- 2880*1920 for high resolution

Once you have created your Mockups, you can save them, mail them right out of the app or, if you want, post your newest CD-Cover, VCard, Poster,.. on facebook, to get feedback.

Impress your clients with product images in real environments!

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