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The International Water Association (IWA) is an organisation that brings together people from across the water profession to deliver equitable and sustainable water solutions for our world.

As a global network of water professionals, we seek to engage and partner with anyone that is concerned about the future of water. The IWA aims to connect people with a diversity of backgrounds to generate innovative solutions and new opportunities to tackle urban and basin-related water challenges.

The IWA pioneers science and furthers technological innovation. It believes that leading edge practices will come about when people from across the world, across sectors and across disciplines come together and take action. Together we aim to deliver practical solutions that are resilient and sustainable, meeting the urgent need for safe water, within and beyond urban areas.

As the world continues to change, the IWA continues to adapt. As a learning organisation we bring together knowledge, know-how and expertise to inspire change. The IWA is an association created every day by its members, for its members, partners to serve the wider water profession.
We are committed to our values:

SUSTAINABILITY: we are dedicated to creating a prosperous future for our cities and a more sustainable planet through effective urban water management

EQUITY: we believe everyone should have access to safe drinking water and sanitation provided by effective and sustainable services

DIVERSITY: we cherish the diversity of our membership and participants, bringing together people from across disciplines of water science and practice, with expertise in all facets of the water cycle from all around the world

INNOVATION: we are passionate about innovation, exploring the frontiers of science and practice and bringing to life leading edge, pragmatics and innovative solutions for urban and basis wide water and sanitation challenges

Our vision, mission and ambition
A strong, consistent identity is vital to achieve our vision, mission and ambition.

To be the global source of knowledge, experience and leadership for urban and basin-related water solutions.

Service our members, the community of water professionals, external organisations and opinion leaders through:
Knowledge and expertise
Best practices based on science and global experience
Innovation and the application of emerging technologies
Pioneering and leading new solutions

We will achieve our ambition of changing the future of water management by putting
inspiration into action: connecting people, pioneering science, innovating technology
and leading practice.

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