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How can I become more flexible? That is probably the most popular question Krista Miller, one of the most sought after teachers in North America, is asked. Now with the "KBM Talent Stretching 101 App" Krista, assisted by her daughter Autumn Miller, will guide users through basic exercises to help improve their flexibility. This is the perfect app for dancers, but it is also great for anyone looking to get more flexible!

Krista and Autumn Miller are two of the most sought after dancers in the business. Krista Miller is the owner of KBM Talent and is known as one of the best dance instructors in the country. Krista's professional dance career includes work in Commercial, Television, and Print. She danced as a Laker Girl and performed with artists such as Prince, PCD, and The Bare Naked Ladies. Krista's daughter, Autumn Miller, is one of the most famous young dancers in the world. Autumn danced in Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" video, and appeared dancing on TV in "Dancing With The Stars," Disney's "Shake it Up," and CBS's "Live to Dance" with Paula Abdul. Krista and Autumn Miller are quite the dancing duo!

In this app, Krista and Autumn teach you basic stretches, wall stretches, in addition to stretches that will ultimately help you get your splits. Krista offers helpful tips to perfect your technique while stretching. Additionally, the app has a stretching log so each user can keep track of their individual progress.

Download the " KBM Talent Stretching 101 App" by Krista and Autumn Miller today to become the most flexible you!

Happy Stretching!

This app is brought to you by Krista Miller, Autumn Miller, Kevin Andrews, Jerome Alexander, and Stacy Hagen.

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