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Letter Club

Simple Machine, LLC,

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Apple Games 2.3.1 January 27, 2017 3.77

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Version 2.3.1 released on January 27, 2017
Hi Letter Clubbers, We saw an issue immediately where the starter pack was showing up after every match. We're very sorry this occurred and ruined the experience of playing Letter Club. Though a few of you left one star ratings assuming we did this to "make more money" we did not. Other developers employ such tactics to squeeze more money out of their players at the expense of an enjoyable experience. We do not do that. We are not them. Every decision we make for Letter Club, and for all of our games, is always to provide a greater experience to our players. So, here's what did happen. At the very end of our testing for our last submission (which took two days) we found that purchasing a Starter Pack crashes the game. It never did this before, not sure why all of a sudden it crashes now, but this is the nature of developing software. New problems crop up, even ones that you didn't think were problems before. Because the Starter Pack takes so many games before it shows up we decided to accelerate the testing process by making it show up every game. This way we could fix the crash faster. Once it was finally fixed, we tested the Starter Pack purchase and we were so excited that we forgot we changed the frequency of the Starter Pack to show up after EVERY MATCH. In short, by fixing one thing, we made another thing very very much much worse. We are extremely sorry about that and we hope that you'll continue to support Letter Club knowing that there is a very small but dedicated and passionate team that is trying to bring a fun new experience to the Word game genre. For those of you who have played from the beginning, we hope you see how many new features we're adding to the game and in a very short amount of time. Finally, some exciting news! We will add the ability to change your account name in the next update (next week). We hear our fans and we want to make sure we're adding the things you want in the game. Hugs, Team Simple Machine

Version 2.3 released on January 25, 2017
Hi Letter Clubbers! We've been working tirelessly on this next update! Whew. So in this update we've added one of the most requested features (next to inputting your own screen name, which we are working on). :: Cheating :: First and foremost, we deeply appologize for players who have been leaving matches once they realize they are not going to win. So uncouth! We have elimitated the ability for a player to end a match early with no implications. We have since updated the outcomes such that if a player leaves a match before the conclusion they automatically lose (and more importantly lose crowns), while the other player who stayed in the match immediately receives a win. This will occur if you drop your internet connection, if you suspend the app and cancel the game, etc. Thank you to those players who reached out to us to let us know about this issue. We hope we have greatly improved your experience playing Letter Club. :: Single Player Mode :: Many of you have asked for a way to play Letter Club where you can practice without going into the competitive mode. So we're introducing the all new single player mode. You can find it on the main menu by pressing the "TRAINING" button. Once you're there you'll see 10 levels per cup. Beat the 10th opponent in the cup and unlock a chest :) It starts off easy, but there's a challenge for every level of play. In addition, all new players will have to beat the first ten levels before they can go into the online mode to compete. We hope that this helps new players build up their skills while learning the game in a more encouraging environment. This should bring a new element to the game that will help you sharpen your skills and get even better at Letter Club. :: Analytics :: We hear a lot of people mentioning that they don't feel like they are being challenged in a balanced way so with this update we're adding in additional (anonymous) analytics that will help us pin point where the trouble spots are in the game. This will help us to understand if a specific avatar is too powerful, or if certain crown levels are getting stuck, etc. Things like that. We're already on to our next update where we'll be adding in more of a story to the game while adding in some additional arenas for new players coming in. If you have feedback, please keep sending it along. We listen to all of it and we incorporate all of it into the decisions we make to improve the game. We have more updates in the works including new arenas that are on the way!! Hugs, Team Simple Machine

Version 2.2 released on January 18, 2017
Hello Letter Clubbers! What a week! An awesome feature on Apple's front page, tons of new players, and an exciting new update packed with new features and essential fixes. What should we talk about first? How about the fun stuff! Yeah!! The fun stuff!!! :: Sunglasses :: All new sunglasses have hit the world of Letter Club. Find sunglasses in win chests, or pick yourself up a pair from the shop. Each pair not only looks good (and sometimes silly) but they all have special extras that will help you in a match. Pretty awesome!! :: Avatars Updated :: We realized that in the previous version of Letter Club the avatars didn't really do ... anything :/ So we pulled them out and made it so that each one has unique abilities that you unlock as you use them in matches. Each time you upgrade them you'll unlock a new ability. Bump your Q up to 15 points or add 15 health points to your bar. Stuff like that. We obviously have a whole bunch of plans for this in the future, but for now, you get the idea. On to the not so awesome new stuff, but still totally awesome in it's own right :) :: Health/Winning/Losing :: Most of the feedback we heard was that you could lose a game even though at the end you made more points than your opponent. This isn't a bug, we just didn't show you exactly what's going on in the best way. SO! Here goes. Each player can have a different amount of health points in the red bar. You might have 100 points, your opponent might have 150 points. With this update, the only way to beat your opponent is to bring their health bar to zero before they do the same to you. This means you might make more points, but if you don't drop their health bar all the way down, you won't win the match. To help make this more obvious, we have now added each players health points to the bar, so you can see how much you have and they have at the start of the match. We also made some small tweaks to the end of the match screen panel. It will show both health bars and show which one was KO'd (or knocked out). :: Purchasing and Ads :: Those of you who have supported the game by purchasing items in the game with real money, we heard that the ads still show up after purchasing. This was not our intent, and we are truly sorry for this issue. We have fixed it in this new update. Unfortunately, we cannot fix this for purchases that occurred prior to this update. We hope you'll see our commitment to making this game awesome, and also see the speed at which we make fixes based on user feedback and know that we're doing all that we can we we hear about an issue that needs to be fixed immediately. :: Match Timer :: As we now are making the game based on which player loses all their health first we are extending the match time to 180 seconds. This additional time is to ensure the match doesn't "time out" and declare a winner. Instead players must drop their opponents health to zero for a winner to be declared. This will also prolong the excitement in the matches :) :: Animation Tweak and In Match UI :: You might notice some small changes to the letter tiles when you tap on them. Now they shrink a bit and turn darker so you can easily tell if you've tapped on them. Some players mentioned that it was confusing so we fixed that. We also condensed the top bar a bit more so the health bars are more prominent. We are currently working on a new single player mode that's been heavily requested, as well as some new arenas that will add a bit more story to the game. As always, please leave reviews or email us or tweet at us :) We listen to everything you say and it is all factored into making it a better game! Until next time!! Hugs, Team Simple Machine

Version 2.1.2 released on January 09, 2017
Hi Letter Clubbers, A quick fix here. We noticed that the coin amount wasn't increasing after you played a match. Never fear, you still received all your winnings, but the number wasn't refreshing. We also tweaked up the tutorial so it's a bit more slick and streamlined! Finally, some of the characters had some problems with their art, so we fixed that too! Ok, that's all for now. Expect big updates incoming very soon!! Sincerely, Team Simple Machine

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App Description

Letter Club is the fastest word game on planet!! Making words has never been this exciting! Challenge your friends or climb the ranked ladder to become the greatest wordsmith the world has ever known. Can you do it? Make as many words as you can to beat your opponent. Be quick though, you have just 60 seconds! Then take your rewards and build your collection by upgrading your letters. Watch as your letters grow stronger and stronger. Unleash their ultimate power .. by making the longest word you can find on the board :P FEATURES: - QUICK 60-second matches! Make words as fast as your little fingers can tap - PLAY friends through Facebook or GameCenter! We're not responsible for what happens after you win 15 times ... in a row. - UNLOCK new characters. There's a bunch, but all you really need to know is that there be a pirate, ARRRGGGG! - UPGRADE your letters. Make the most powerful letters anyone has ever seen! - STICKERS for your iMessaging pleasure! Express all your thoughts and feels. - LIVE Broadcasting, let people see your word making prowess in action! - GLOBAL ranked matchmaking. Play against the entire world for the top crown! - NEW dictionary for 2016! New words added with each update. Did you know the word "pwn" was accepted into the dictionary? Simple Machine made this game with lots of love and we're committed to making games that inspire and innovate. If you think there's something we can do to improve Letter Club, or you just want to tell us what an awesome job we're doing, drop us an email at fun@simplemachine.co A network connection is required to play this game.

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