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+++ Overview +++

This all-in-one navigation application offers easy access to your terminal charts and a dynamically generated enroute map, as well as your operational documents. Optimized for airline use, Lido/mPilot is designed to improve the pilot’s situational awareness so that the attention can be focused on what truly matters: safe and efficient aircraft operations. Our tablet solution is designed to support modern airline workflows.

Lido/mPilot comes with the aeronautical terminal charts for Zurich, Switzerland. Additional airports can only be downloaded and viewed by employees of an airline who have a Lido/mPilot contract with Lufthansa Systems.

The Lido/RouteManual terminal charts, used by more than 100 airlines worldwide and the basis of Lido/mPilot, are carefully crafted to display aeronautical procedures and information in an intuitive manner. The to scale charts are in high contrast color designed specifically for use on electronic displays.

+++ App Features +++

- Flight Folder to manage an entire flight
- Automatic loading of ATC flight routes
- Dynamic enroute map
- Aircraft moving map
- Own ship position on Enroute charts
- Static terminal charts
- Web based document management
- Automatic data synchronization
- Chart annotations
- Sharing flight plan and charts

An airline may receive an evaluation chart library by contacting Lufthansa Systems by filling out the following form:

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