Logic Puzzles - Classic Logic Grid Problems

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Logic Puzzles - Classic Logic Grid Problems

Egghead Games LLC,

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Apple Games 1.12.13 October 05, 2017 4.07

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Version 1.12.13 released on October 05, 2017

Version 1.12.12 released on November 29, 2016
- New volumes 8 Casual and Extreme added - Fixed the "large text" problems with the iPhone 7, iPhone 7+ and iPad Pro - Still fully featured, ad free and nag free! - Updated Cloud server settings so you can continue to share progress and purchases between iOS and other popular devices - Bumped the minimum iOS to version 9 - sadly forced upon us by some tooling problems IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS ... PLEASE email us at support@eggheadgames.com. We WILL respond. Promptly! For those wondering why we haven't updated in a while, it's a long sad tale of misplaced bets on technology, corporate buyouts and the more mundane. We're not through it yet, but working hard! Our other logic puzzle apps will be updated soon. Thanks for your patience, and feel free to add an app review if you find everything to your liking! (And email us if not, thanks!)

Version 1.12.11 released on January 14, 2016
We fixed the "large text" problem on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus phones -- thereby completing a company-wide New Years resolution! We also added two new volumes (Volume 6 Casual & Extreme), though many of you will have seen an update for those already. Please leave a review, or tap to quickly re-post your previous review. We don't nag in the app, but we're thinking about changing that policy because so few people leave reviews and because of the way Apple juggles the App Store listings, it really does make a difference. Prove the cynics wrong and thanks in advance!

Version 1.12.10 released on September 28, 2015
Incorporates latest iOS updates, fixes some rare crashes, including a notes fix. Note, if you think there are errors, please email us for help at support@eggheadgames.com instead of leaving a poor review. We take puzzle accuracy (extraordinarily!) seriously and will respond quickly. All of these puzzles have been successfully solved thousands of times, so please consider the possibility that you're missing something. Email us a screenshot if you're stuck and we'll help. Happy puzzling!

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App Description

The highest rated app for classic grid Logic Puzzles! Decode written clues & fill the grid to solve them. 50 grid-based logic puzzles ranging from intermediate to expert solving ability. This modern solver has Smart Hints, multi-level Undo and the Auto-X features make it easier and quicker to focus on the logic. Keep short notes along with the puzzle to help you make your way to the solution. If you're completely stuck, you have the ability to check the grid for errors or get a hint. 5 STARS by Totoro. Flawless Implementation of the Logic Puzzle on Tablets. This is exactly what I was hoping it would be when I purchased the game. I works exactly like the pen-and-paper version of the puzzles and provides a good spectrum of difficulty. The best feature is the ability to "remove mistakes" from the playfield. Since I never make any mistakes(lol), it can also be used to "reassure" you that you aren't going down the wrong path if you get stuck. 5 STARS by Suzy D. I've been looking for exactly this game for a year now. This type of logic puzzle was just waiting for a tech boost -- automatic fill-in, and no dreaded erasing! The interface is perfect: the controls are intuitive, and there's even a note section for when it helps to get your thoughts in order. 5 STARS by Mutation600. I've been waiting years for a decent Logic Problems app to show and its finally here. Used to play the old Dell logic problem books when I was younger and loved every minute of it. Great job guys!!!! Logic Puzzles are popular preparation for the GMAT Logical Reasoning sections and similar deductive exams. Solve these puzzles to keep yourself sharp! There are 10 backstories and five puzzles for each story that get progressively harder. The 5 puzzles for each story all have a unique solution, clues and statistics. See how your time compares! Volumes 2-10 are available for in-app purchase. Volumes 2-6 each have another 50 puzzles with 10 new backstories and 5 puzzles for each story that get progressively harder. Volumes 6-10 repeat the backstories and allow you to choose harder or easier puzzles. These will provide HOURS and HOURS more fun! New variations on each volume have multi-size grids, from 4 cell all the way to up 7 cell grids. Look for the "Casual" and "Extreme" volumes for these. Egghead Games - Quality Apps for Thinking People Email: support@eggheadgames.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EggheadGames Web: http://eggheadgames.com Puzzles licensed from www.puzzlebaron.com.

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Logic Puzzles - Classic Logic Grid Problems Screenshot Logic Puzzles - Classic Logic Grid Problems Screenshot Logic Puzzles - Classic Logic Grid Problems Screenshot Logic Puzzles - Classic Logic Grid Problems Screenshot

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