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Yonac Inc.

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  • Last update

    November 30, 2018

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Magellan Screenshot Magellan Screenshot Magellan Screenshot Magellan Screenshot

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Magellan is the bold new professional analog modeling synthesizer for the iPad. Not content with just one synth, we gave Magellan TWO independent polyphonic synth engines. Individually or together, they deliver a new powerful warmth to the sound of iOS music.

Complete with a full FX rack, a total of six oscillators, dual filters per engine, multiple unison stages, extensive modulation matrix, dedicated arps, powerful MIDI capabilities, and a polyphonic step-sequencer - the aural possibilities with Magellan are infinite!

Check out our awesome Magellan vids!

\\\ Synth ///

• 2 independent virtual analog synth engines running simultaneously

• 3 oscillators per synth engine; total of 6 realtime oscillators

• Osc unison stage w/ adjustable detune & width, up to 24 simultaneous wave generators for supersaw effect

• Realtime PWM Modulation for osc 1 & 2

• FM module w/ dedicated blend, ADSR envelope, adjustable contour

• Oscillator 2>1 ring modulation

• Noise generator w/ adjustable tone
• VCA ADSR envelope

• Separate voice unison stage w/ settable stereo spread, detune

• Dual Keyboards w/ individual pitch & modulation wheels

• Dual Touch Pad controls w/ settable key & scale & note-snapping, individual voice parameterization
• Polyphonic, Monophonic, Poly/Mono Legato operation modes

• Glide

• Matrixpad modulation w/ configurable x/y destinations, synth out select, optional snapback

• Realtime oscilloscope (iPad 2 & newer)

• Synth coupling - run both synths by one control interface

• Inter-App Audio
• Audio backgrounding

• Tap tempo

• 20 voice combined polyphony (10 voice combined for iPad 1)

\\\ Filters ///

• 2 filter banks per synth engine, configurable in series or parallel
• Dedicated ADSR envelope for each bank; selectable envelope curve, adjustable contour & tracking

• 11 Filter types for each bank:
• "Magellan" 24dB Resonant LP
• "Victor" 24dB Resonant L/H/B Pass
• "Voyvoda" 12dB L/H/B Pass

• Formant, Comb, All-Pass, Notch filters
• True bypass

\\\ Modulation ///

• Dual LFO's per synth

• 4 freely assignable destinations per LFO

• Dedicated amp setting for each destination
• 3 reset modes

• Adjustable phase & delay
• Frequency tracking

\\\ Arp ///

• Dedicated arp in each synth engine
• 10 arp patterns; Settable note value & gate; swing
• 6 octaving modes, settable note and octave repeats

\\\ Sequencer ///

• Analog inspired 16/32 step polyphonic sequencer

• 8 track poly out per pattern in 16-step, 4 track poly out in 32-step "link" mode
• Trackwise selection of target synth engine

• Settable pitch, velocity, gate, octave per step

• 6 sequence algorithms for each pattern

• Swing
• Timeline for creating song length sequences w/ patterns

• Share or bounce song files containing sequences

\\\ Chordmaker ///

• Dedicated Chordmaker module for each synth

• Create/save chord progressions; play by pressing a single key

\\\ FX ///

• Comprehensive FX rack: EQ, Compressor, Reverb, Stereo Delay w/ BPM sync, Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, Waveshaper, Bitcrusher, Expander
• Configurable FX signal flow

\\\ Record & Share ///

• Tape deck for recording app audio

• Metronome

• Export via email, SoundCloud
• Export/Import via WiFi, Copy/Past, Sonoma
• Audiobus for Input or FX slot
• Ableton Link

\\\ MIDI ///

• CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI

• Individually configurable synth MIDI In & Out ports
• Keyboard splitting
• Control Magellan w/ external MIDI controllers
• MIDI Learn w/ 350+ destinations

• Sync w/ external MIDI clocks - control sequencer or arp
• Share Magellan MIDI CC maps

\\\ Presets ///

• Over 300 factory presets
• 2 banks & song designed by Sunsine Audio
• SPAWN - use SPAWN's artificial intelligence to automatically create amazing new sounds
• Share presets, banks via email or iTunes; Save unlimited banks & presets

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