Manga Storm - The Ultimate Manga Reader

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Manga Storm - The Ultimate Manga Reader

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Apple Books 3.1 October 28, 2015 4.42

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Version 3.1 released on October 28, 2015
Thank you for your feedback about the app icon. We decided to revise it one more time to make it brighter and less scary. - Added new status "Archive" besides "Reading" and "Following". Archived titles will not be tracked for updates or automatically downloaded. (Note: you can assign titles to "Archive" only in the unlocked version) - Added the "Archive" section to the "Favorites" tab for displaying archived titles. - Added the "Removed" section to the "Favorites" tab for displaying titles those were removed within 2 days (7 days in the unlocked version) in case you want to recover them. - Added the "Remove Title(s)" menu to the "Favorites" tab for removing one or more titles from the "Favorites" tab without entering into each manga to remove it. - Fixed an issue that cause the current page to randomly change to other page if the device was rotated while displaying the first page of the first chapter or the last page of the last chapter. - Fixed an issue that cause the direction arrow to display incorrectly after resizing the app window in Split View on iOS9. - Fixed an issue that cause some ads to request you to enable bluetooth. - Fixed an issue that cause loading content from Batoto to fail. * If loading from Batoto is still fail after update, please follow instructions in to make sure that "Def.Version" under Batoto is updated to "8". * If you found an issue that cause all chapters from MangaHere displaying bear images, please follow instructions in to make sure that "Def.Version" under MangaHere is updated to "4" then delete chapters containing bear images from the Collections tab (if exist). Important: If you are using iCloud to synchronise your data across devices, please upgrade Manga Storm on all of your devices to the latest version before changing any title to "Archive". The prior version of Manga Storm does not support this status and may automatically remove archived titles from the list.

Version 3.1.1 released on November 10, 2015
- Fixed an issue that cause content from KissManga cannot be loaded. - Improved performance of the check updates process. - Fixed more bugs. * If titles from KissManga is still unable to load, please follow instructions in to update KissManga's definition file to latest version.

Version 3.1.2 released on November 25, 2015
==================== IMPORTANT: This version contains a bug that cause the app to lag a lot or temporary freeze while running the "check updates" process on old devices so if you are using devices older than iPhone 5/iPad 4th gen and have more than a hundred titles in your favorites, please do not update to this version. However, if you have already updated to this version and found serious performance issue, please set the "Check Every" setting in Manga Storm Settings to "Never" to disable automatic "check updates" for now. We will release the fix as soon as possible. Sorry for your inconvenience. ==================== - Fixed an issue that cause the "check updates" process sometimes not to work after the app resume from background. - Fixed an issue that cause the app to crash randomly when adding a title with Internal Web Browser. - Fixed an issue that cause the network indicator to display incorrectly while downloading data.

Version 3.1.3 released on December 02, 2015
- Fixed an issue that cause the app to lag or temporary freeze while checking updates on some old devices.

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App Description

Looking for a nice app to *Read* and *Follow* your favorite manga from your favorite websites? Manga Storm is a simple but effective manga reader app that provides a great reading experience together with a lot of useful features designed by manga lovers for manga lovers. With Manga Storm, you will never want to read your manga using web browser ever again. Here are some features you will love to know. ================================== √ Add manga from your favorite websites to the app easily by entering their URLs or use the Internal Web Browser to bookmark them. √ Compatible with popular websites like Batoto, KissManga, MangaEden, MangaFox, MangaHere, MangaKoi, MangaPanda, MangaReader, MangaTown, MyManga and ReadMangaToday. √ Organize your manga list better with "Reading" and "Following" system. You won't find yourself losing track of unread manga ever again. √ Check your manga for new chapters automatically. √ Pre-assign appropriate reading style to each manga. Supports "Left to Right", "Right to Left" or "Top to Bottom" reading direction. √ Read all chapters in a manga continuously. Move from last page of current chapter to first page of next chapter with just a swipe. √ Save your reading progress on each chapter automatically. √ Backup your manga list easily to your e-mail. √ Download your manga to your device and read them anywhere anytime. √ Convert your downloaded manga to CBZ files and export them to read on other comic reader apps. √ Synchronize your manga list and your reading progress across all of your devices via iCloud. What you will get from upgrading to full version. - All ads are removed. - You can continue listening to your music while reading without being interrupted by video/game ads. - You can keep more than 10 downloaded chapters. - You can see all read titles in the “History” tab. - You can assign manga to "Archive" section. - Removed manga will stay in the "Removed" section for 7 days instead of 2 days. For more information, please visit Want to read your comics in CBR/CBZ/PDF with the same feeling as you got in Manga Storm? Try "Manga Storm CBR" here,

App Screenshots

Manga Storm - The Ultimate Manga Reader Screenshot Manga Storm - The Ultimate Manga Reader Screenshot Manga Storm - The Ultimate Manga Reader Screenshot Manga Storm - The Ultimate Manga Reader Screenshot

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