Mini Warriors™

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Mini Warriors™

Triniti Interactive Limited,

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Apple Games 2.4.6 December 21, 2017 4.57

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Version 2.4.6 released on December 21, 2017
New features • News ticker feature: a news notice will be displayed when players recruit new 4-star heroes, upgrade hero holy articles, pass the Merlin Trials or unlock new hero skins. Other updates: • New legendary stages added • Growth package interface redesigned • Prestige level rankings cancelled • Total AP rankings added: system will rank players according to their total AP • Players' total AP will be displayed on the information interface

Version 2.4.5 released on November 22, 2017
Heroes • Marco Polo, Unit: Musketeer ( Tavern) Crack Shot: Released at start of battle. Hero's normal attack deals extra damage. Such damage ignores defense and dodge. • King Richard, Unit: Paviser (Tavern) Tenacity: Released at start of battle. Damage dealt by enemy units to targets in formation will be reduced by {0}%. • Morgan le Fay, Unit: Mage (Tavern) Sacrifice:Triggered every {0}s after battle. Marks all targets under attack, increasing damage by {1}% for {2}s (effect can be stacked) Hero Legend Stages • 4-star heroes have legendary story stage (currently for 10 heroes) • When recruiting 4-star hero, Legend Stage will become available. Stage will open according to hero conditions. • After completing of a hero’s Legend Stages, you can view hero’s legendary story. • After completing all of hero's Legend Stages, Level 14 active skill level cap will be unlocked (currently not available, will be available when all legendary story stages are online). New Features • When regular refresh, free refresh and Goblet refresh are available in Tavern, there will be a prompt. • Increased display of features of Holy Articles of heroes during rally. • Masters can send in-game mail to members. • When Prestige Level reaches 100, 21stmaximum formation hero number is unlocked. When Prestige Level reaches 120,22nd maximum formation hero number is unlocked. • Retreat button added. • Added hero review system. • Added Everest Arena ( The Arena will be available after maintenance) Melee combat change • Logic for melee units modified: units will determine whether target unit is engaging 2 enemy units. If yes,unit will seek other enemies until no targets are available. Removed the maximum limit. Other • Maximum Training for Heroes increased to 240. Experience gained increased. • Increased gold received from four types of chests in the shop. • Edition information added. • Increased experience gained from Challenge Stages on old continents. • Hero proportions adjusted to be visually harmonious. • Increased heroes that can be acquired lower than Level 160. • 2 time completion of Hero Adventure missions reduced to 1. • Reduced difficulty of Special Stages before Level 80 (4 star, 5 star). • Button for next stage can be pressed to directly enter battle of next stage. • Removed Sale for certain items. • Improve Baldwin IV's lagging problem Skill Change • Berserker: Release when a hero is killed, 1 rage point is gained. After rage points reach to {0}, hero will be berserk boosting attack by {1}% and max HP by {2}%. Any enemy unit will be killed at once. Skill Adjustment • Maximum units affected by skills dealing AOE or heal raised from 15 to 18. • Numerical value for max level of Reflection Barrier is changed to 50% • Polymorph can transfer enemy up to 30 into a sheep • CD for Pray is changed to 4s • Chance for max level of Healing Sphere is changed to 80% • Attack chance for Sorcery Curse is changed to 40% and 80% for max level • Chance for max level of Plague bomb is changed to 80% and skill range is changed from 60 to 100 • Stunning time for Shock Halo is changed to 4s • Chance for Strike Storm is changed to 70% and CD is changed to 2s • Stone Skill: The maximum numerical value is 600 • Potential Stimulation: CD is changed from 6s to 5s • Tarot of Destiny: Time for summoned unit is extended. • Illusion: Skill time for max level is changed from 14s to 16s Units Adjustment • Long-ranged units can combat against enemies in close range but attack reduces 50% • Shooting ranges for arbalist and musketeer are increased to 450 • Attacking range for mage is increased to 350 • Attacking range for assassin is changed to 250 Bug Fixed • Fixed inaccurate data for some heroes. • Fixed algorithm for determining combat effectiveness for stages, providing more accurate display of combat effectiveness. • Fixed inaccurate damage for Strike Storm. • Fixed inaccurate damage for Arrow of verdict. • Fixed crash problem caused by replicated Helmar.

Version 2.4.3 released on June 29, 2017
New Heroes -Constantine, Unit: Infantry ( Recruit: Tavern) Strike Storm: Have certain chance of triggering after being attacked. Constantine can wield great sword to attack 15 enemies at most, dealing damage. Skill has CD time. -Vivian, Unit: Mage ( Recruit: Purchase 1200tcrystals) Lake Mirror: Randomly duplicate {1} closest friendly hero per {0} s. The duplicate has {2}% of the original hero's HP for {3}s. New Feature • Open Growth Package that Player can obtain gifted package after reaching certain level Others • The icon size of Baldwin IV has been adjusted properly • Add new Genealogy: Glorious Emperor • Change the algorithm for Baldwin skill. When Baldwin is deployed in the formation, game will still run smoothly.

Version 2.4.0 released on April 06, 2017
• New Heroes: -Napolen, Unit: Musketeer (How to recruit: player can acquire him when Legion Shop reaches Level 6) Vive la France: X% chance to trigger. Hero's units can deal damage to enemy targets and such damage equals to X% of max HP of such targets in the next round of attack (does not affect enemy heroes). Concurrently, hero's luck is increased by X% (Effect can be stacked). If the attacked target is X level higher than the player’s units, then skill damage is ineffective. -Baldwin IV, Unit: Cavalry (How to recruit: Player can get him when Legion Shop reaches Level 3) Crusades Belief: Receive an attacking halo at hero's feet when battle begins. Attack of armies in the halo will be boosted by X%. In addition, hero will be restored X% max HP per friendly target death. • New features: -The Illustrated Handbook has been added. It includes hero illustrations, unit illustrations and hero illustration rewards. Players can click the illustrated handbook button to use it. -All heroes' stars can be checked in the Hero Illustration section and recruited heroes will be marked. -All unit upgrade processes can be checked in the Units Illustration section. -For heroes illustration rewards, collecting certain heroes can grant players rewards. (If a player dismisses certain heroes, then he will be unable to claim rewards)

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App Description

With recruiting powerful heroes and leading invincible armies, you can beat back evil enemies so as to accomplish glorious achievement. ► ► ► ► ► Atlas is calling for you! Joining in our legion alliance to fight against Nigel, God of Darkness, and crush his conspiracy! In the 2D cartoon multiplayer game, you as a lord can create own valiant legion and recruit great heroes, who have been lauded by poets for hundreds years. Those heroes lead troops including cavaliers, magicians, archers and warriors to fight for Balthazar, God of Brightness. ► ► ► ► ► Amazing battlefield with more than one thousand troops in it: • Exciting real-time combat, winning the battle after wiping out enemies in the battleground. • Flexible formations available are critical for you to reverse the course of combat. • Intense and magnificent battles involve a few of legions with great heroes doing almost everything they can to win. • Delicate and vivid cartoon images with gorgeous and exciting hero skills ► ► ► ► ► Abundant and interesting game contents: • Recruit 200 different heroes • Collect more than 100 powerful items and equipments • Cultivate 8 kinds of troops with strong sense of reality • Beat enemies from 400 stages • Accomplish more than 300 achievements in the game • Play the game with other lords across the world ► ► ► ► ► Tip: We suggest you to use iPhone5 or above to better experience the game. Note: Players need to upgrade your device to iOS 8.0 or above before upgrading the game to the latest version as Apple system is no longer to support iOS version below 8.0

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