Monster Battles: TCG

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Monster Battles: TCG

FrozenShard Games,

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Apple Games 1.6.5 September 05, 2017 0.0

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Version 1.6.5 released on September 05, 2017
Changes in this version: 1 - Fixed issues inviting friends to the Game. 2 - UI in Shop modified, items are bigger now for iPhone devices. 3 - Gameplay issues fixed.

Version 1.6.4 released on September 03, 2017
Hey trainers, here's another post holidays update. *Changes* - Login servers performance improved - The New Custom Offers banner shown in Map Screen will no longer be visible if the offer already expired. *Fixes* - Fixed an issue that was playing 2 songs at the same time after a battle - Fixed an issue that was showing the Raids timer in seconds. - Playing a Stone in a monster that has no more evolutions no longer consumes the "Fixed Cost" ability. *Balance* Mech Monsters Ufix – Mega Legendary card now reduce the attack to all enemy monsters. Buktrom & Wren-xi – Mega Legendary cards now heal the trainer too. Robkite – Stats increased in Legendary and Mega Legendary. Destructor of Worlds ability no longer defeats Mech-monsters. Dinot – Stats and ability increased in all rarities. Sonatron – Stats increased in all rarities. Wind Monsters Birditry – Stats increased in all rarities. Otti – Stats increased in all rarities. In Mega Legendary the card buffs wind monsters when evolves. Atheny – Stats increased in all rarities. In Mega Legendary the card reduce the attack of enemy earth monsters when evolves. Plant Monsters Leaflard – Ability improved on all rarities and the Mega Legendary ability now affects all enemy monsters. Tadlif – Mega Legendary card heals the trainer on evolve. Coty – Stats and ability improved in all rarities. Electric Monsters Moox – Stats Improved in all rarities. Felstorm – Ability improved in all rarities. Tixy – Mega Legendary card now heals the trainer when evolves. Horsamp – Stats improved in all rarities. Earth Monsters Drilly – Epic card ability changed (Earth council changed to Hardened Shell). Legendary and Mega Legendary still have the “Earth Council” ability. Hope you like it,

Version 1.6.3 released on August 10, 2017
Changes: - The amount of legendary Cards to craft a Mega-Legendary card has been reduced from 3 to 2. - Selling Mega-Legendary Cards will give you Raid Coins and Gold in return. Hotfixes: - Several Issues has been fixed. - Overall Performance improvement.

Version 1.6.2 released on August 08, 2017
Fixes -Fixed an issue where Epic Cards didn’t have a price limit in the Auction House. -Fixed an issue with Blushi’s ability. -Added tooltips to the Deckbuilder filters. -Fixed an issue with Cupio’s ability (Legendary). -Fixed an issue on PvP where monsters could share the same spot. -Fixed a visual issue on the Gym panel. -Fixed an issue while opening a Chest. Balance: oSandophorus (Mega-Legendary) ability changed. Besides giving shield to all your Earth monsters also reduce their attack by 2. oCrabby first evolution now only shields itself when evolved. - Read the full release notes here:

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App Description

Monster Battles: TCG is a free-to-play collectible card game. Collect and Evolve your Monsters and become the Ultimate Monster Trainer! - Collect and Evolve monsters from 8 different elements, each of them with unique abilities, names and voices! - Travel around this magic world and battle against other champion Trainers to unlock magical Badges with special rewards! - Play Online against other Trainers around the world, duel your Facebook friends and compare your scores and rankings! - Monster Battles: The Card Game offers a never ending single player campaign which will put your Monster Training to test, combine your elements and battle through countless missions!

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Monster Battles: TCG Screenshot Monster Battles: TCG Screenshot Monster Battles: TCG Screenshot Monster Battles: TCG Screenshot

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