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My Days X - Period & Ovulation ™

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Apple Lifestyle 3.041 August 04, 2017 4.7

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Version 3.041 released on August 04, 2017
Bug fixes.

Version 3.038 released on July 12, 2017
Re-enabled pregnancy notifications and icon badges.

Version 3.036 released on July 02, 2017
Chat moved to calendar screen. Email required to set password. Critical bug fixes. Dropbox disabled (due to new version incompatibility). General clean up.

Version 3.035 released on June 28, 2017
Chat moved to calendar screen. Email required to set password. Critical bug fixes. Dropbox disabled (due to new version incompatibility). General clean up.

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App Description

"*** ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ***, I came pregnant after 2 Month using it ! Thanks 2 My Days" The new MyDays ROCKS! More innovative features than ever! 
Easy tracking and predicting period, ovulation and fertility. If you are trying to get pregnant, MyDays predict your most fertile days and lets you track your basal metabolic temperature (BMT), Cervical Mucus and also Cervix. MyDays X - Period & Ovulation Calendar is the simplest way to track your female data. "Simpler, Better, More Features and a great Community" Many P&O apps you see in the market came inspired by the original MyDays. *** MyDays TOP Features *** * Prediction Badge™ (Period/Ovulation/Cycle Day/Due Date). See when the next event occurs already on your Icon. * Daily Notifications for your next Period/Ovulation, Pill or Nuvaring * Create your own Calendar Themes and include even a Background Photo * Backup/Restore via MyDays Cloud Backup, Dropbox or PC * Pregnancy Mode, disable period predictions and keeps you informed about your progress 
 * NuvaRing and other birth Control based on Insert/Remove after x Days * Partneremail, eMail your Partner how u felt in the last days and whats coming next. * Choose long touch to change data and short to see more infos of the day * Disable Daily Options, for example for kids or when you don't like to come pregnant * Track more than 20 Symptoms and rename them individual for example to remember your Breast Self examination * Track when you had sex (protected/unprotected) * See the possible gender your baby may be * Track your Cervix position, openness, firmness & feeling * Track OPK Results (negativ, fertile, peak/ovulation) + automatic recalculation of your next Period. * Password Lock for your Security * Add the actual cycle day to the calendar days * Disable the predictions for period or ovulation on the calendar * Filter what you like to see in your History List (eg. only Data from 2014) * Multi User (track yourself, your daughter or close friend) 
 * Moonphases * Add Text Infos, Remember if you took your pill * Overwrite the predicted ovulation with your manual set day. * Keep track of your blood flow and mood * Luteal phase is adjustable * Enable the option to see old predictions 
 * Reset preferences and data should you lost overview * eMail your period History to your doctor * Get an overview by Chart for your temperature (BMT) and weight measures * Cycle Statistic gives you an overview about your last cycle lengths. * Photo Memories for each Day * Choose the start day of the week * Cycle and Period Length can be calculated automatically * Unit Measures in Kg/Lbs/Stone Celsius/Fahrenheit 
 * Multi Language: EN, DE, ES, FR, IT, AR, RO, PL, PT, BG, HR, NL, CA, ZH * It's FREE ! - without any hidden in-app purchases Mention MyDays X next time you have a doctor's visit, or when you're unsure when to expect your next period. What other did say: * "Thank you, Thank you so much! My wife is pregnant now in the 3rd Month." * "AMAZZZZZINNG, I tried several P&O trackers, but MyDays is the best" * "First I thought it looks too simple, soon discovered how amazing it is." * "I am a Guy and track my wifes circle, so I know when I have to be special nice :) MyDays, the easy tracking & prediction calendar for your period, ovulation and fertility, with the most decent Flower for Period & Ovulation Tracking :) Don't miss the real Innovations! -------- 
MyDays does pinpoint the 'high fertile' Days. But you can come pregnant also on other days! Usage on your own Responsibility. For more Help & Hint, see Preferences -> About -> Visit MyDays-Homepage This Version is tested for latest devices devices and may be slower on older devices

App Screenshots

My Days X - Period & Ovulation ™ Screenshot My Days X - Period & Ovulation ™ Screenshot My Days X - Period & Ovulation ™ Screenshot My Days X - Period & Ovulation ™ Screenshot

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