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Nosy Trap, anti snooping app Personal Security made fun

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Take videos of people who are trying to peek into your phone!

What does it do?
The "Nosy Trap" app will capture the nosy people in your life by snapping a picture of them as they try to look inside your iPhone or iPad. Imagine the fun you will have asking a spouse, parent or co-worker what they were looking for.

How does it work?
The "Nosy Trap" app uses a simple, easy to understand setup process. Once the application is installed, when you leave your iPhone unattended, you simply activate the system. Activation will display a false desktop of iPhone application icons. Any attempt at clicking anywhere on this display will start a video using the front facing camera on your iPhone. All pictures are stored in your photo gallery.

Current Features:
Automatically save video's to your photo gallery.
Choosable trap images.

Read directions before using!

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