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Nuflit connects Tourist with Local for show around. Nuflit is a platform that lets you hire trusted local and tour guide securely. You can use Nuflit to get people to show you around locally, or you can use Nuflit to help earn extra money while showing people who travel to your area.

If you are fun, outgoing person, Nuflit lets you get a tour guide job without revealing personal contact information until you are hired. It's safe too with the Tourist identities verified, weeding out shady characters. Payment for your hard work is also guaranteed as Tourist pay Nuflit in advance and we release the payment within 7 days of the end of the job.

For Tourist
---- Find Local or tour guide ---
• If you don’t know which local or tour guide to look for, Nuflit will find the Local or tour guide with to take you around instantly. You can now get them at a click of a button, anywhere, any time, and the potential Local or tour guide will apply for your job instantly via chat.

---- Smart Search---
• Nuflit takes your "Request" and sends it as an opportunity to these Local or tour guide who meet your criteria and could possibly work on your request, and only Local or tour guide who are interested to take you around will reply you, saving time from searching and filtering.

---Compare the Local or tour guide ---
• No longer search through pages of Local or tour guide lists; you will get the best Local or tour guide offering or the best quotes immediately from trusted Local or tour guide with our private chat system. Each application includes an estimated price, previous customer review and ratings, and profile.

---Hire the right Local or tour guide ---
• You also can view ratings and reviews left by peers and get only the best, with talents and models verified with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Identification (passport, IC, social). When you're ready, hire the right Local or tour guide at a price that's right for you.

For Local or tour guide:
---We source the potential jobs for you---
• We call you the Fliter of tourist. Get genuine jobs and leads anywhere you are.

• With Nuflit OnDemand Platform, tourist nearby who need you can find you immediately with a single click, even if they don't know about you. Every potential leads will be matched and sent to you directly

• With Nuflit Directory, tourist can find you easily by looking for the related job description you have done. Improve your web presence with Search Engine Optimizations, enabling you to be discoverable from searches made in search engines.

• With Nuflit Browse Job, be proactive and take up requests which you think you can do as long as the tourist feel you can do it

For Freelancers:
--Make extra income--
• Put those skills to use and make money from your free time! Offer your services on a part time basis, no brick and mortar shop required, just work on Nuflit! Provide help and get rewarded in return in anything from jobs related to tour, driving, booking of tickets and more

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