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Apple Navigation 17.1.0 January 04, 2017 2.64

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Version 17.1.0 released on January 04, 2017
Happy New Year, everyone! This release has been a lot longer in coming than I would have liked, but I'm a volunteer and just about the only person working on the app at the moment, so sometimes things can take a while. If you'd like to help out on OneBusAway, please find us on GitHub. We're always looking for designers and iOS developers who want to pitch in. I want to start 2017 off on the right foot with this major upgrade to OneBusAway. There are five topics to discuss, including the unexpectedly large version number bump. 1. Version number bump 2. Spanish localization (thank you, Edgar!) 3. Trip sharing - Share the trip you're on in order to let friends or loved ones know of your estimated time of arrival. 4. Massively improved trip info page - The map and table are always displayed together, and the map displays the current location of your vehicle, when available. 5. Bug fixes First, version numbers: I think version numbers are lame and, ultimately, sort of meaningless. Chrome and Firefox release a new 'major version' every month-and-a-half, but macOS has been 'stuck' at version 10 since 2001. OneBusAway has been on version 2.x since 2013. Since then, the application has been virtually rewritten, but I still haven't changed the major version number because I was saving '3.0' for something special. This is silly. Instead of tying major and minor version numbers to particular features, version numbers will now be an analog for the date of release. For instance, 17.1.0 is from the year 20(17), the month of January (1), and is the first release (0) of the month. Second, Spanish localization: I want to extend a huge thank you to Edgar Andrés Moncada Taborda, who has done a great deal of work translating the Android version of OneBusAway into Spanish, and has now done the same for the iOS version of the app. Thank you, Edgar! Third, trip sharing: You can now share a trip you're on via Messages or any other communication app that allows you to share URLs. By sharing a trip, you can let someone know where you and your vehicle are at and you will arrive to help them better plan for your arrival. The feature is built such that the recipient doesn't even need OneBusAway installed on their phone to be able to monitor your arrival. Fourth, improved vehicle trip page: The new vehicle trip page now has just about every piece of information you could need displayed in front of you: * The vehicle identifier and its schedule deviation are in the title bar. * The map is always displayed, and shows you the location and heading of the vehicle. (This is incredibly helpful when you're trying to figure out where your bus is stuck, and whether or not it might manage to catch up to its expected arrival time.) * The table shows you where you're at, and how many stops away your vehicle is from you. Fifth, Bug Fixes and smaller changes: * Fixes for the top three crashing bugs * Sort stops by route again * Make sure the 'zoom in' label on the map is legible under high contrast settings * Fix a bug where sometimes the map doesn't show your location * Make links in service alerts tappable Thanks for using OneBusAway! Aaron

Version 17.1.1 released on January 07, 2017
It's only been a couple days since the last release, but we have some exciting changes to share with you. Little Green Men, iPad, prompts, Bitcode, and analytics: It's been a busy week! Zeroth, since I failed to mention this in my last release notes, you may notice a new green bar with a little dude on stop pages. This bar shows you vehicles that you can catch by walking. Vehicles above the line probably cannot be caught, and vehicles below should depart long enough from now that you can walk to them. First up, OneBusAway now works on the iPad! Hooray! I was skeptical of the value of doing this work at first, but with the addition of split screen mode on the iPad in iOS 9, I think this becomes far more useful. Plus, all of the work we've done to improve how the app's UI is laid out over the past year made this a trivial task. Second, you can now disable those prompts that ask you to review the app. Check out the settings page under the Info tab. Thanks for doing this work, Alan. Third, speaking of settings, when you opt out of Google Analytics, that setting now takes effect immediately as opposed to the next time you start the app. Fourth, we've added support for Apple's Bitcode feature, which should allow Apple to further optimize the version of the app that is delivered to your device, and hopefully even shrink it down a bit more. Thanks for your help on this, Seth! Lastly, OneBusAway for iOS is an all-volunteer effort. If you'd like to pitch in, please come find us on GitHub. We can always use help, especially from developers and designers. All skill levels welcome! Thanks, Aaron

Version 17.1.2 released on April 03, 2017

Version 2.6.0 released on September 27, 2016
This release has been a long time in coming, and I hope you like what we've put together for you. There are several visible changes, and many, many, many more changes under the hood that will pave the way for lots of exciting new features over the next few months. Here are some of the most important changes we've made. General: * Make it possible to clear the contents of the "Recent" tab. Stops: * Improve the display of long route names on stops. * A much improved interface on the arrivals and departures page. (This is what you see if you tap a departure when you're on the stops page. Try it, you'll like it!) Bookmarks: * Bookmarks can now include your route, and show you the next departure time right on the Bookmarks tab! * Reorderable bookmarks. Again. Thank you for your patience. * Collapse and reorder bookmark groups. Regions: * Dramatically improved support for adding custom regions to the app. This is crucial for anyone who is setting up a new OBA server for their area. Lastly: Thank you to Cagri, Chad, Orion, Ryan, and Sean for your pull requests. Your contributions to OneBusAway are greatly appreciated! If you'd like to become a beta tester for OneBusAway, please shoot us an email at with the email address associated with your Apple ID. If you'd like to pitch in and help to build OneBusAway, you can check out the source code at thanks, Aaron

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App Description

Real-time transit information for the Puget Sound region and beyond. Never miss the bus again! OneBusAway serves up fresh, real-time transit information in the following regions: * Atlanta, GA * Rogue Valley, OR * San Diego, CA * Seattle/Tacoma/Puget Sound, WA * Tampa, FL * Washington, D.C. * York, Canada Features include: * Real-time arrival information for public transit where available. * Map display of stops and routes. * Nearby stops search for location-aware devices. * Bookmarks and recent stop history. * Search for stops by route, address, and stop number. For more information about OneBusAway, including feedback and support for this application, visit us on the web at

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