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    February 21, 2013

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Push Prize, the new arcade machine game from A&R Studio.

Do you remember playing the arcade machines to get the prize all day long?

Have you ever dreamed of taking all the prizes without losing your pocket money?

Having the same experience with you, now we created PUSH PRIZE to satisfy your desire!

It is easy, simple, fun and exciting!

You can feel just the same as being in the arcade with PUSH PRIZE's realistic 3D Graphic and Sound!

Everybody can enjoy without headache and stress!
Just control the direction, push the button, and get the prize!

Jelly beans, chocorate cookies, delicious candies, and whatever you aspired in your childhood...
Now you just push and collect these sweets!

In PUSH PRIZE, too much candies will NOT rot your teeth! :)

Game Features :
- Get 30 BONUS STARCOINS on your first game
- Get FREE STARCOINS every day you play
- Realistic 3D graphic prizes to collect

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