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Red alert is a great way to send a message out quickly without resorting to smoke signals.

Whether a fashion emergency at the mall, or a freaky admirer gets a little too close for comfort. Red Alert can be your new best friend when you need it most.

You can shoot out your GPS coordinates and send out an emergency email and twitter to your designated contact.

The few seconds it takes to scan you thumb can help you take the extra time to collect your thoughts and remain calm under stressful situations.

You know, like if you and your honey got lost in the woods on the way to granny's house. -uh right, right! that's what you were doing!

Although this app may not save your life, It may save your hide when your lookout spots your dad heading right for you!

So go ahead and pick up what may be your most useful Application yet!

*GPS location (iphone only)
*Twitter notifications
*Email notifications
*Emergency Phone calls (iphone only)
*Biometric Fingerprint scan to prevent false alarms.
*Map to help you know where you are (iphone only)
*Red Alert Alarm to scare off the freaks or just entertain friends.

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