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Apple Productivity 2.0 October 29, 2017 4.57

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Version 2.0 released on October 29, 2017
MASSIVE UPDATE! Rhymer's Block 2.0: - NEW DESIGN We gave Rhymer's Block a fresh new look! A modern, clean layout with readable fonts and colors. More customization options than ever. Let us know what you think! - SoundCloud Integration Grab some headphones! You now have the ability to link SoundCloud audio to your Rhyme Book entries. Listen to an accompanying tune while you write, or share your song on the Block for others to hear. The Block is now a great place to discover new music! - iPad support Rhymer's Block is now available for the iPad! Enjoy writing, reading, and browsing on a larger display. RB is designed to work seamlessly with multiple devices. - Title field You asked and we delivered. You can now optionally title your pieces. - THEMES Rhymer's Block is all about self expression. We've added multiple themes that change the look and feel of the app. Suitable for daytime and nighttime writing. - The Block feed behavior changes We've listened to your feedback about how the weekly and newest charts should work. Only new pieces will appear on these charts to keep it fresh! - iCloud Backups Your work is important to us! We've added yet another feature to help keep your work safe and secure. You will now have a secondary backup available to you through iCloud. You can create snapshots of your data whenever you wish! - Featured feed We've added another feed to The Block for exceptional pieces curated by RB staff. Keep working on your masterpiece. We will find you! - Bug fixes Countless bug fixes to keep your experience smooth and fun. Thanks for using Rhymer's Block! Make sure to follow us on Instagram / Twitter. (Follow links in Settings)

Version 1.7.6 released on September 23, 2017
- iOS 11 Support - Bug fix for passcode numpad issues

Version 1.7.5 released on September 18, 2017
NOTE: This version has a known issue for some users regarding the Passcode feature. If you experience any issues, DO NOT delete the application. Please wait until the update with the fix becomes available. Apologies for the inconvenience. iOS 11 Support

Version 1.7.4 released on January 13, 2017
1.7.3: Bug fix for share button functionality 1.7.4: Bug fix for "fast delete" issue -------------------------------------------- Happy New Years to the greatest community of lyricists, poets, and artists! Thank you all for being so patient. This is an important update that will lay the groundwork for more "fun" updates down the line. The emphasis here will be on reliability and stability. Improvements include: - Bug fix for the dreaded "jumbled words" problem - Built in Dictionary - Built in Thesaurus - Cut & Paste that actually works! (I know right!?) - Ability to recover recently deleted entries - Reliable Undo / Redo - Ability to Export your entire Rhyme Book and email it to yourself - Fixed Push Notifications! - We're now using snappier / more reliable servers to host your work and The Block Check out the "What's New / Tips" section of the app under Settings for more details. Enjoy!

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App Description

Never miss a moment of inspiration! The lyricist, rapper, song writer, or other creative genius in you thrives on inspiration. On the bus, hanging with friends, or even when you’re in the bathroom — inspiration can strike anywhere. Will you be prepared to capture it? Miss the opportunity and it may be lost forever! Rhymer’s Block is a unique app that allows you to quickly and easily capture your words of inspiration anywhere your life takes you. And if you have a creative block, it can help you with that too! The experts say to keep a notebook handy to jot down ideas for your raps, poems, and song lyrics. Just try and lug around one of those when you’re out with friends! Since you download Rhymer’s Block on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad—it’s with you wherever you go. When the inspiration flows, open the app and make your notes. Nobody has to know that you’re in the midst of creating your next masterpiece! You can create a Rhymer’s Block account and have your work automatically uploaded to the cloud to make sure it’s safe and sound! There are apps that are similar to Rhymer’s Block, but they just don’t compare. Here are the features that make Rhymer’s Block the best choice: • Real-Time Rhyme Suggestions Who has time to search for rhymes? Rhymer’s Block instantly suggests words that rhyme as you type. Keep that inspiration flowing! • Rhyme ANY word We know creative people have a language of their own, so Rhymer’s Block is designed to figure out what a word sounds like phonetically even if it’s not in the dictionary. fo shizzle! • Slant / Near Rhymes Finds rhymes that sound good without being a perfect rhyme. For example 'dark' rhymes with 'heart' - but they are not perfect rhymes. • Word Frequency Analysis Rhymer’s Block will show you rhyme suggestions for words most commonly used first! No need to waste your time sifting through words no one uses. • Color-Coded Rhymes Rhyming words in each entry are highlighted with corresponding colors. At a glance you see the words that rhyme. See your lyrics visually! • Works Offline On a plane, subway, or somewhere else you have to take your mobile device offline? With Rhymer’s Block you can keep working with your rhymes. Never put your creativity on hold! • Cloud Sync Create a Rhymer’s Block account to keep your work safe and have it automatically uploaded to “the cloud.” You can create and access your Rhymer’s Block account directly from the app. • The Block A Rhyming app with a social network? Yes! The best way to be inspired is by connecting with others. Share your work on The Block and get feedback. Explore the creativity of others. Give Respect and add comments. It's like a 24/7 Poetry Slam. • Customize Your View The app includes several customization options. Connect to friends on Facebook, create a Rhymer’s Block profile, or hide those “colorful” words in your rhyme. It’s up to you! Download Rhymer’s Block today and become the envy of your creative friends who are still carrying around notebooks to create the words for their rap, poem, or song!

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