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Rogue Star

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Apple Games 2.0 December 14, 2016 4.5

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Version 2.0 released on December 14, 2016
Rogue Star is now free to play! Finding life tough in Rogue? Meet mysterious new aliens who’ll help out stranded pilots. TRIPLE the amount of Delivery Missions! More chances to haul cargo across the system and make those big bucks! Hungry for more news? Double the amount of articles are now available for the inquisitive pilot. Hundreds of gameplay balancing tweaks and all new alien dialogue. Bug fixes. A special note to all our current fans. We truly appreciate your original support, without which further development would have proven impossible. Thank you all.

Version 1.31 released on February 11, 2016
*Incoming Hail* Greetings, pilots! Rogue Star’s new update is now out! There are gameplay tweaks, mission additions and value adjustments galore. The update has also fixed the screen flickering that some players were experiencing during combat. Apologies to any pilots who have been experiencing this, we really appreciate your patience. Keep blasting!

Version 1.3 released on December 20, 2015
***ATTENTION ALL CITIZENS! *** Rogue Star’s update is finally live! Please read below for all the details on what has changed. We hope it’s been worth the wait. 30 New Delivery Missions! Now there are more opportunities to earn credits and deliver expensive/bizarre/strange cargo to Rogue Star’s inhabitants. Game Difficulty Levels Pilots can now choose between 2 difficulty levels - Normal or Classic. Upon updating you will be asked to choose which level you’d prefer to continue playing with. Cargo Recovery There is now the chance that your cargo might be picked up when your craft is lost! Beware though, pirates aren’t always so careless when scavenging for salvage.. Difficulty rebalancing Game values and AI have been given an overhaul to provide a more balanced flow. Predictive Target Assist Your ship’s droid now tracks enemy vessels and provides pilots with predictive fire control. This means when a target is lined up correctly, your ship’s crosshair will turn red, indicating a good probability of scoring a hit! Joypad Sensitivity Selection Pilots can now choose between a selection of control sensitivities. Auto-Fire All ships now have auto-fire enabled. Fire rates differ from ship to ship however, so be sure to check them all out. That’s it, thanks for all your support! We hope you enjoy these new features and additions.

Version 1.1 released on April 20, 2015
Stability and Bug Fix Update **Players are advised to please finish any current missions and dock before updating.** A slew of bugs have been squashed in this update. We apologise to all our fans for any frustrations caused by these issues. In rare instances of unrecoverable save files, the game also now includes a special restore function. This can be accessed from the Title Screen by clicking the small 'Spanner' icon in the bottom right. Initiating this function will restore your position to the last sector you were in. Thanks to all our fans for purchasing Rogue Star. We are now hard at work on a further update, which will address gameplay tweaks and additions. Please be patient while we ensure this is the best that it can be. Please send any feedback or suggestions to @roguestargame or on Happy hunting!

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App Description

IT’S ON! Can you stay alive long enough to survive a system swarming with pirates and become an Ace in Rogue Star? “..with its infectious mixture of humour, homage and hardness Rogue Star is a keeper” -Pocketgamer INTENSE SPACE COMBAT Test your skills against scumbag pilots who’ll stop at nothing to blow you to pieces and steal your cargo! NERVE SHREDDING GAMEPLAY Load up and blast off, can you make it to the next sector in one piece? GOOD OR EVIL Protect convoys from pirate ambushes or team up with them instead and plunder the convoys’ juicy cargo. BUY POWERFUL NEW SHIPS Open up new trade routes and delve deeper into Rogue system. GAMBLE BIG Bid at high stake auctions for valuable cargo and sell it for huge profits. What are you waiting for! Download NOW and start exploring Rogue Star! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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