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The RVG Mobile application is a unique image acquisition and review software for dental professionals who use the RVG 6500 System.

Designed for dental professionals who use the RVG 6500 Sensor, the RVG Mobile application allows users to acquire, display, and review RVG X-ray images directly on their iPad.

For reviewing purposes only, the RVG Mobile application is also available to those who use the RVG 5100 and 6100 sensors. After acquiring X-ray images on a computer, the dedicated transfer interface wirelessly submits them to the user's iPad-providing remote access to clinical images.

As the only application in the dental marketplace that allows users to acquire and access images via an iPad, the RVG Mobile application marks a turning point in mobile radiology. Via a dedicated transfer interface, the RVG Mobile application allows users to connect to Dental Imaging Software remotely and provides immediate access to their image files. The application also includes a variety of tools such as a zoom feature, enhancement filters, and adjustable contrast/brightness settings.

The transfer interface is included with Dental Imaging Software, version and higher.
The transfer interface feature is not compatible with Dental Imaging Software versions prior to

Additional features include:
- Create and transfer patient cards
- Add comments to the X-ray images
- Upload images to your iPad

Usability requirements:
- Wi-Fi connection
- RVG 6500 System

The support of iPhone in RVG Mobile is discontinued.
Former users of RVG Mobile shall migrate to this RVG Mobile HD application.

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