The Sandbox Evolution

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The Sandbox Evolution


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Apple Games 1.4.2 October 20, 2017 4.41

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Version 1.4.2 released on October 20, 2017
Halloween is upon us! Start crafting spooky pixel universes and make your own horrific game levels with tons of monstrous elements. Join the celebrations and share #Halloween tagged worlds Online Gallery. - Over 16 scary Elements: Demon Slayer, Headless Horseman, Necromancer, Goostba, Vampire, Mummy, Black Cat, Rat and more! - Halloween-themed decorations: Jack O' Lantern, Scary Skeletons, Haunted Trees, Haunted Manor, etc. - Spooky Backgrounds. - New Pixel Art colour palette. and more!

Version 1.4.1 released on September 28, 2017
This update brings 11 new hazards and 6 new enemies!  Enhance your creations with these unique traps and bring more challenges hardcore challenge for players who adventure into your levels!

Version 1.4.0 released on August 30, 2017
This update brings dinosaurs to the game! Add giant prehistoric creatures to your worlds and see them thrive in your environments 6 new dinosaurs to play with: - Triceratops: This large-sized triple horned herbivore can defend itself when in danger. - Velociraptor: A fast and ferocious predator, the Velociraptor spreads out to seek prey and regroups to hunt it down. - Pachycephalosaurus: His hard, round head allows him to charge and damage enemies that threaten his life. Nimble and with well developed legs, he’s fast. - Spinosaurus: The largest carnivorous dinosaur has 2 attacks (short and long range), and damages entities and particles while moving. It’s very hard to survive an attack of this apex predator. - Brachiosaurus: Pacific in nature, this gigantic herbivore panics when attacked (or when a carnivore comes too close) and attempts to stomp them. - Compsognathus: This very small but dangerous carnivore, swarms its prey with the strength of numbers.

Version 1.3.7 released on August 02, 2017
New SKINS system: choose which Hero you want to be! Play inside any user-made level and choose among 27 new skins for our 3 most popular heroes: Arnold, Avatar and Brainiac. Do you want to be a Hitman, a Rambo, a Terminator, a Disco Dancer, a Pumpkin Head, a Lizard, a Zombie, a Rapper or a Diva?

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App Description

Build or destroy your own universe out of 8-bit blocks! Play the #1-pixel world creation game & build anything you can imagine! There are no limits to your creativity. Craft or destroy amazing worlds with your godly touch in The Sandbox Evolution, the #1 pixel art world creation game. Build anything you can dream up with advanced physics, over 250 elements and fully controllable heroes. In The Sandbox Evolution, worlds are up to 10x bigger. Create rich pixel worlds complete with ambient life, traps, platforms and enemies. You can even make your own pixel art! There are no limits to your creativity and imagination! "The game makes you feel creative!" - 4.5/5, TouchArcade "Almost everything you'd expect from a game that's trying to be a sandbox." - 4.5/5, 148 Apps "A step up from an already beloved game, and I can only imagine how it’s going to improve even more over time." - 4/5, GameZebo THE SANDBOX EVOLUTION FEATURES: NEW: SUMMON LEGENDARY BEASTS! - Add magic to your levels with the mythical Unicorn - Shoot Fire, Ice or Water with your very own Dragon - Drop the prehistoric Megalodon into the water & make any other animal into lunch - Add Big Foot & watch him generate tiny earthquakes with his bare hands - Create prehistoric fury with the T-Rex - Watch incredible effects that change the environment, destroying, killing and changing elements - Add fierce beasts or cute pets like Cats, Corgis and Sheep - you choose what lives in your universe! CREATE YOUR WORLD PIXEL AFTER PIXEL! - Build 8-bit 2D pixel worlds up to 10x bigger than the previous Sandbox - Start from scratch or use predefined templates - Mix & match over 170 elements to discover their unique interactions - Manipulate Mud, Water, Sand, Fire, Metal, Electricity, Acid, Lava & more - Craft wonders like the Parthenon & Giza Pyramid - Control Heroes with different skillsets to shoot, fly & more ADD LIFE & BUILD YOUR WORLD - Bring life to your worlds with Dogs, Bears, Cows, Sabertooth Tigers & more - Spread foliage & numerous tree varieties to bring beauty to your new world - Decorate Houses, Castles & Igloos - Make dynamic life with AI Humans - Turn your world into Zombie Apocalypse if you want INTRODUCE TECHNOLOGY - Add tech like Batteries, Crosswires, Resistance, Bulbs, Heaters, Coolers, LEDs & Sensors - Destroy everything you can with C4, Meteorites, Nitro & TNT CREATE ART - Draw retro style pixel art using 100 colors - Compose your own chiptune songs BROWSE THE GALLERY & SHARE ONLINE - Share your worlds with other players - Search worlds by keyword or tags (pixel art, music, arcade & more) - Filter & find the Newest or Hottest creations - Rate & bookmark your favorite levels - Follow your favorite creators THE GAME MAKER YOU WANTED - Start with ready-to-use 4x4 pixel blocks then add platforms, traps & enemies - Create your own levels with Controllable Heroes, Platforms, Blocks, Spikes & more - Create PAC-MAN mazes - Make your own 8bit pixel platformer or infinite runner game. Add a hero & BOOM! You’ve made your very own game in less than a minute :) CAMPAIGNS & DAILY QUESTS - Experience the creation of the universe through a full campaign of 13 levels - Explore & fight with the Caveman to recover his child in the Caveman Campaign - Dash to victory in the Runner Campaign & try to get #1 on the leaderboards - Learn how to draw pixel art like a real artist in the zen drawing Pixel Art Campaign - New Daily Quests, pulled from the best player creations. Challenge the best in the world, or build your levels for a chance to be featured JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF 745,000 FANS! - Follow us on Twitter: - Like us on Facebook: Each new Update of The Sandbox Evolution will bring even more elements, heroes and campaigns! You’ll see… no one could ever dream a better world than yours! Download The Sandbox Evolution and build your world today!

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The Sandbox Evolution Screenshot The Sandbox Evolution Screenshot The Sandbox Evolution Screenshot The Sandbox Evolution Screenshot

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