Scoreboard - Volleyball

Scoreboard - Volleyball

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  • Scoreboard - Volleyball Screenshot

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**Special thanks to UW85 for the suggestions**

Keep score of your volleyball (or badminton) game on the iPad. Simple touch controls allow you to add/remove points simply by touching the score you want to change. Touching the top 2/3 of the number will add to the score, touching the bottom 1/3 will subtract.

Touch away from numbers to bring up the menu to reset scores and connect remote. More options coming soon, please leave me a comment if you have a specific feature and I'll work on getting those to work first.

Serve arrow changes automatically when team gets point.
Automatic game changes when reaching 25 and win by 2 (both optional and on iPad ONLY)

BONUS: Connect an iPod/iPhone/iPad as a remote device and control the scoreboard remotely! (only tested on iOS5 with bluetooth)

NOTE: App was designed for the iPad. The iPhone and iPod Touch functionality added to use as a remote control, however, the app works perfectly on its own on all three devices.

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