Solar Walk ™ 2 - Space Missions & Solar System

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Solar Walk ™ 2 - Space Missions & Solar System

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Apple Education 1.4.0 November 24, 2016 5.0

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Version 1.4.0 released on November 24, 2016
iMessage App Create up to 4K unique smileys using planets adding eyes, hands, hats, smiles and more. New Space Missions Added 3D models of the spacecrafts, their trajectories in space and time, calendar events, info and much more. - ACE, ICE, Vostok-1 - ExoMars, Schiaparelli & TGO - Near Shoemaker - Rosetta - End of mission - Schiaparelli - End of mission New Calendar Events The updated calendar of events connected with new missions. iOS 10 ready Fixed bugs. Now the work of the app is flawless on all iOS 10 devices.

Version 1.4.1 released on December 20, 2016
Minor bug fixes & Stability improvements

Version 1.4.2 released on March 13, 2017
- Fixed minor bugs - Fixed iMessage app

Version 1.3.0 released on March 11, 2016
1. Added Planet Nine You may have heard the recent news regarding the discovery of a new planet of the Solar System. In short, Planet Nine is a hypothetical large planet in the far outer Solar System, with an estimated mass of about 10 times that of Earth, a diameter two to four times larger than that of Earth, and a highly elliptical orbit so far away that it could take it 15,000 years to orbit the Sun. The news caused huge excitement in astronomy enthusiast community. We couldn’t resist adding it to Solar Walk 2. We reached out to the authors of this discovery, Mr. Konstantin Batygin and Mr. Michael E. Brown of Caltech, who said they used and loved Solar Walk and were happy to help. In Solar Walk 2, Planet Nine is for the first time features in the Solar System. It has the most accurate estimated trajectory to date, and all important facts and figures, such as mass, radius, distance from the Sun,etc. 2. 16 New missions & satellites - DSCOVR - Gaia - Kepler - Stereo-A - Stereo-B - Ulysses - Akatsuki - Venera 7 - Venera 7 Lander - Chandra - Hayabusa 2 - IBEX - Swift - Viking orbiter 1 and 2 - Juno 3. Calendar of astronomy events 2016 Astronomy Calendar for 2016 will notify users of interesting upcoming astronomy events. 4. Breathtaking animations of flybys as well as landing sites. Other minor improvements include minor bugs fixes

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App Description

***Best of 2016!*** The all-new Solar Walk 2 is a powerful educational tool at the edge of graphic technology. Solar Walk 2 offers an interactive encyclopedia of the solar system seen as never before. Based on real physics and latest photographic data, Solar Walk 2 comes to life with stunning visual effects of planetary atmospheres, solar flares, auroras and asteroid belts to give the space depth and feel that hadn’t yet been possible on a mobile device. ***This is a universal app for tvOS and iOS. Optimized for iPad Pro. *** NEW IN SOLAR WALK 2 The Calendar The life of the solar system is presented as a series of events: celestial (solar eclipses, conjunctions, etc.) and man-made missions. The user can see experience the progress of space exploration and see how the planets moved at the time and how they are going to move in the near future. The Missions You will see Sputnik fly over the Earth and martian rovers moving on the red planet. Every notable event of every mission is in the calendar for you to explore, including the latest discoveries from New Horizons of Pluto and Curiosity on Mars. The Physics Planets move just as they do in real life. You can view a solar eclipse from space as a shadow crossing the Earth and see exactly what regions it covers at what times for each and every eclipse of the covered range. The Sounds Solar Walk 2 can be enjoyed using with sounds, put on the headphones and dive into the outer Space moving from one planet to another, get acquainted with the missions exploring the other worlds. The Textures We collected the highest resolution textures available to human race to date and integrated them beautifully, specifically for retina displays. Photos acquired during the latest mission to Pluto are already in the app, making it the most fresh and up-to-date space simulator. The Data More than two thousand of the brightest stars, 21 asteroids, 10 comets, 8 planets and more are in their correct relative positions for any given date and time. And the list is growing! We’re eager to add new dwarf planets, missions and more! How is it different from Solar Walk 1? Solar Walk 2 has all-new graphics, interface and updated planetary textures. Your exploration of the solar system in Solar Walk 2 is guided by a carefully hand picked calendar, a collection of simulations of celestial events with stunning visuals. You can still fly around the solar system and explore it on your own, like in Solar Walk 1, but now you have a comprehensive tour guide at your disposal. Apple Watch App: A quick quiz lets you know how good you’re at astronomy. If the results are pretty poor you can start exploring the Solar System using handoff function: a small icon of the Solar Walk 2 app will appear on the lock screen of your device, slide it up and enjoy your outer space journey. ========================================== Premium access Unlock Premium access to history of human space exploration and man-made satellites. Travel with Voyager 1, see how gravity assists helped Cassini get to the outer edges of the solar system, and explore Hubble as if you were right next to it. - 60+ spectacular 3D models of important space missions and satellites - Objects of the extended solar system: dwarf planets, asteroids, and comets - History of space exploration in Calendar - Content updates as new missions are launched Subscription periods and prices: 1 month - $0.99 3 month - $1.99 6 month - $2.99 1 year - $4.99 Unlimited period - $9.99 Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will NOT automatically renew. Note: Solar Walk™ users with the app installed on device get unlimited access at 50% off.

App Screenshots

Solar Walk ™ 2 - Space Missions & Solar System Screenshot Solar Walk ™ 2 - Space Missions & Solar System Screenshot Solar Walk ™ 2 - Space Missions & Solar System Screenshot Solar Walk ™ 2 - Space Missions & Solar System Screenshot

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