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Apple Reference 1.2.3 September 09, 2017 4.8

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Version 1.2.3 released on September 09, 2017
• Compatibility with future iOS release

Version 1.2.2 released on January 05, 2017
• Minor fixes

Version 1.2 released on December 09, 2016
Thank you for your encouragement, feedback, and continued support! Here is what’s new in this release: • Highlighting: Tap on any verse to highlight it using our new toolbar in Reading mode. Review all of your highlights in the Bookmarks menu. • Bookmarks: Bookmarks make it easy to jump back to a specific verse any time. Just tap on a verse for the option to bookmark it, add personal notes, and highlight it as well. Then, use the Bookmark menu to go to that verse, read your previous notes, or add to them over time. • Sharing: While reading, tap on a verse to share it in a message, Facebook post, tweet, and more. The editable message contains the verse, its reference, and a link to the app. Help us spread the Word. • Word occurrences: Now you can tap on a word from a book’s or source’s word list to step through each occurrence of that word in Scripture. Just tap on a book’s or source’s word count or word cloud to see the list of most used words and start from there. • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.1 released on October 26, 2016
• NEW! Source filters: Now you can filter the list of sources by gender, nature, profession, role, or time period. • NEW! Source occurrences: Occurrences are now underlined in the reader to make each instance stand out more. • Minor bug fixes, formatting improvements, and content updates. Thank you for your feedback, questions, and continued support.

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App Description

Discover more about the Bible. The SourceView Bible app is not just a digital version of a printed Bible. It is a fresh, innovative way to take a deeper look at God’s story: what’s been written, who said what, and how its words impact and shape our lives, our work, and our world. READ THE BIBLE IN A FRESH NEW WAY • Four different colors of Biblical text reads dramatically like a script. Color defines source role per book: – Red letters whenever God speaks – Green letters when a lead character speaks – Blue for supporting sources – Black is always The Narrator • In groups, readers can pick a color to read aloud, like taking a part in a dramatic script. • Swipe to the right to see who is speaking. • Scroll through an entire book without the disruption of turning pages or tapping through chapters. • All books and chapters have a calculated read time so you can plan your study accordingly. **We’re excited to launch SourceView in the New Living Translation, a version true to the original languages and easy to read out loud or privately.** START YOUR JOURNEY OF ENDLESS DISCOVERY • Learn things you never knew about the Bible by observing data points that have never been available until now. • See the relative word count of books and chapters and the amount each role played in them. • Look closer at who speaks, the words they used, and to whom they were directed. • Create pie charts, bar charts, and word clouds from information you’re curious about: – Who speaks most in the Bible? – Who said the word “peace” in the Bible? – What professions spoke in the book of Genesis? – Who spoke most in a given time period? – What words does God say to women in the Old Testament? • All visual discoveries point you right back to the Scripture that corresponds to your charts. NAVIGATE THE BIBLE LIKE NEVER BEFORE • Quickly jump to a passage by entering a variety of different reference searches, e.g. J3:16 (verse) or John Jesus 18 (occurrence) • Step backward or forward through screens you have already seen, which is great for jumping around during a sermon or Bible lesson. • View a history of the screens you have seen direct links to key areas in the app, and any personally bookmarked location in Scripture. * Occurrence counts are the number of times a source speaks in a book. John Jesus 18 is the 18th time Jesus spoke in John—similar to lines of a script. GET TO KNOW WHO SPEAKS IN THE BIBLE AND THE ROLE THEY PLAY • See how much a source said and step through each speaking occurrence. • Review who a source spoke to and who spoke to that source. • Jump into any conversation by stepping through what one source says to another. • Learn more about a source's background, like when they live, what they did for work, and what books they speak in. • Gain a deeper understanding of a source's personal character by focusing on the words they used. • Observe how a source's words connect to the seven spheres of society with the Spheres in-app purchase. OBSERVE HOW SCRIPTURE SHAPES A BIBLICAL CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW Society is shaped by seven spheres of influence. With the Spheres in-app purchase unlocked, you'll be able to make personal observations about how scripture can be used to shape a Biblical Christian worldview. • Read through Scripture with various sphere highlights turned on • Explore key passages for each sphere • Meditate on how a source's words relate to and impact society (Thank you. Your purchase helps us continue doing what we do.) CONNECT WITH SOURCEVIEW » Online » Facebook » Twitter » Help Center Tell us about your SourceView experience:

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