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- Creating my own beauty shop, "I love style"!

From a troublesome trainee to become a famous beauty artist..

Make your own beauty shop by your style with adorable and handsome characters~

by performing a variety of services: Hair cut, perm, dye and make up, and nail art etc


[Game Information]

- Tons of beauty service license

Basic hair service like hair cut, perm and dye, also make up and nail art!! You can perfom various beauty service by learning hundreds of licenses in each character level.

- Decorating your own shop with hundreds of furniture

Hundreds of furniture will make your shop enable to decorate totally unique and different from other shop!

- Fashionable character's dramatic quest Story

Don't miss some unexpectable quest episodes that get through with fashionable characters!

- Enjoy "I love style" with friends

Build a friendship by visiting each other's shop! When your friend is busy, help your friend by visiting the shop and collect hidden items too! It'll be more fun playing with Kakao friends!

- Want to know what's in style? Beauty Magazine Service!

Beauty Magazine Service has style recommendations for each unique style concept set, and you can get a reward if you learn all licenses for each set!

- Style Advice

Do style advice to your customers! Choose a hair style that fits to your customer's face and clothes! You can get some prizes based on your customer's reaction!

"I love style" will be updated constantly with lots of features, so please love and enjoy playing "I love style"!

[Customer Support]

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