Take Me, Phone

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Take Me, Phone

Bob Kao,

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Apple Utilities 1.4 December 21, 2010 1.57

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Version 1.4 released on December 21, 2010
* Add ding for these special times to greet the New Year 2011 and Chinese, Xmas. Improve the calendar's format for the globe. More App by Bob Kao, please search 「 Bob Kao 」 in your App Store. More detail info, please into our Web http://utilityhome.blogspot.com/

Version 1.3 released on November 12, 2010
- Fixed a few bug issues. - Reduced the memory consumption of the voice detection. - Expanded this counter range from ( 3 <-> 120 ) to ( 1 <-> 240 ). ⚠ Running iOS4, this app can't run in the background mode.

Version 1.2 released on October 06, 2010
===========> Version 1.2 <=========== - Add memory size message - Add WebView for HomePage in App. - Fixed Alert message repeat issue. ===========> Version 1.2 <===========

Version 1.1 released on August 08, 2010
===========> Version 1.1 <=========== Add functions - Time reports ( Stop / 15 mm / 30 mm / 1 hh ) - Turn off screen to reduce power consumption when running the free fall function and the Time reports. ( Please lock your iPhone and keep run to protect your phone, It can run over 10 hours. ) - Touch switch for Adv banner. - iOS 4.x compatibility supports. ======== Notice ========= * Keep << Take Me, Phone >> in your iPhone to run can provide a alert when your iPhone happened a unknowing drop. * If you want to stop the countdown function of << Take Me, Phone >>, you can tap the center of < xx:xx > to get this unlock button. * If you run << Take Me, Phone >> in this background of iOS 4.x, you can keep your selected function to run. ======== Notice ========= ===========> Version 1.1 <===========

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App Description

◆ Guard your device can't only depend on a sample alarm to detect moving or not. Very many issues need you take care it. Below issues, TMP had already considered for you. ▷ Slid down it from the table of library. ▷ Forgot to pick up it at bar or coffee shop. ▶▶▶ iPhone3G & iPhone3GS to Notice ◀◀◀ Pasted “Perfecting Signals” on your battery back cover,A best of internet speed will be amazing. Clean & Enhance your signal 3G & 3GS ⇧50~80%, directly pasted Perfecting Signals. 4G & 4GS ⇧20~30%, used the stand type case with Perfecting Signals -> ⇧50~80% iPhone5 ⇧10~15%, used the stand type case with Perfecting Signals -> ⇧50~80% ◀◀◀ iPhone3G & iPhone3GS to Notice ▶▶▶ These similar Apps must to launch it for watch device at any moment even nothing to do, But Time Report could improve this defect and increase a handy tool to run any time. ▷ In normal time, use it to keep your step. ▷ Remind people to keep running. * First app has the save power function to reduce the device’s power consumption while running the free fall function and Time reports. ▷ A. It could run over 10 hours in iOS3.x ( iPhone 3G / iPad / iPod touch 2nd ). ▷ B. It could extend the standby time of device while running the function of time report. ■ Please lock your device in iOS3.x and keep run [ Take Me, Phone ] to protect and standby.㊬ * Find My iPhone ( Track )+ Take Me Phone (Anti-Pickpocket) = Double Guards. OS: iOS 3.1 and later. Language: * EN * TW * JP * CN Features: [ More features in Take Me, Phone for iOS4 ] ▶ Power to Countdown: Alert time range from 1 to 240 minutes. ▶ Power to Alert: Guard Alert types had 3 level. ( laugh / angry / cry, Must be tap the Start button to enhance the guard alert timer then you put your device above an unacquainted table. ) ▶ Power to Anti-thief: A nicety representation to play alert via monitor Proximity & Motion sensor. ▶ Power to Slid down detect: Real time to send out the Free Fall alert. ▶ Power to Prolong: Appeasement mode by voice with sway. ▶ Power to Multi-country format to the calendar clock. ▶ Power to the ding of Special Holiday: XMas and New Year, Chinese New Year. ▶ Power to Power Saving: Could run over 10 hours in iOS3.x ■ Integrate with Flashlight. ■ Integrate with Time report ( Stop / 15 mm / 30 mm / 1 hh ) ◯ Ability to Customize your pass code to stop the alert action. ◯ Ability to Touch switch for Adv. banner. ◯ Ability to iOS 4.x compatibility supports. Explain: ◎ Free fall alert action: Your device was slid down over 50 cm from the desktop. ◎ Remind Alert: When you were pressed [Start] button, you have 15 seconds to put down your device for running the guard task and until you were [unlock] or quit this App. Baby sound, run cycle by the appeasement function. - Level 1: laugh ( 5 s / cycle ) - Level 2: angry ( 10 s / cycle ) - Level 3: cry ( 25 s / cycle ) ◎ Avoid pickpocket / Anti-thief Alert: ( Alert type: Level 3 ) A loud baby cry to avoid a thief steal your device from your table since he had moved your device over 7 steps. ◎ Appeasement action: You maybe extend your tea time with friends, you can use the function to change these alert cycles and levels then alert action was working. - Talk or sway your iPhone to reduce the level. - You can keep at these actions to extend your tea time and don't need to unlock this app. ◎ Input pass code to unlock: Pass code was design to protect your setting value and keep these alert action cycle. If you forgot your pass code, please input the full pass number to unlock it. Full access code, please go to (中文說明) http://utilityhome.blogspot.com/ -- IMPORTANT NOTICE --- This app can't avoid your iPhone to lose. You must use [Auto-Lock] & [Passcode Lock] to protect your data. * If you want to stop the countdown function of [ Take Me, Phone ], you can tap the center of [ xx:xx ] to get this unlock button. == TW == Take me, Phone 是設計一些警示來提醒您,小心您在咖啡桌上或啤酒吧上的手機。

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