Thirumanthiram - A Book of Devotion

Thirumanthiram - A Book of Devotion

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  • Thirumanthiram - A Book of Devotion Screenshot
  • Thirumanthiram - A Book of Devotion Screenshot
  • Thirumanthiram - A Book of Devotion Screenshot

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iTab Technologies blessed with opportunity to bring this digitized version of ancient wisdom – Thirumanthiram, the 10th volume of Thirumurai. We believe this app will enlighten yourself and your yogic or spiritual progress.

The Tirumandiram deals with how one may live a divine life in the midst of the worldly one. It fulfills the meaning of the word “Tantra” a “web” which joins the spiritual and the material dimensions of life. It expresses the thread of unity, which exists behind the many differences of time, country, language, religion, higher and lower, happiness and misery, wealth and poverty. It deals with all the aspects of life, which makes life worth-living by dealing with dharma, artha, kama, moksa, tapas, Yoga, jnana, siddhi, buddhi, mukti, planets, days, the art of breathing, mantra, tantra, yantra, cakras, meditation, medicine, etc. In short, it is a Tamil encyclopedia of philosophical and spiritual wisdom rendered in verse form.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank for providing hyms/songs and all relevant contents.

Features of this App:

1. Original Verses as well as Words seperated Verses
2. Meaning of each verses
3. Mark / Flag your favorite Verses
4. Search Verses (Tamil Keyboard must be enabled)
4. Forward verses by email.
5. List of Pradosham Days
6. Alerts you at 7:00am and 4:25pm on the Pradosham day
7. Pradosha Virada Verses/Songs

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