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Tiny Dino World

Perfecten Corporation,

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Apple Games 2.1.3 January 24, 2017 3.8

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Version 2.1.3 released on January 24, 2017
New Update: 1. Removed Christmas background, return to original backgrounds. 2. Fixed a bug where dino would cause problems when going to a battle. Dino can now enter battles properly.

Version 2.1.2 released on December 06, 2016
New in this Update: Added Christmas backgrounds Fixes: 1. Soul effects: Fix ability activating problem, fix some targeting issues. 2. HOC: Fix some UI issues 3. Tutorial: Fix dino level up issue Balance: Majungasaurus warrior adjustment: Boulder Roller to Cub Shielder Sarcosuchus passive ability adjustment: Madness to Eruption 3 and 4 star dino souls: Egg tower continue damage: Every soul level activate this effect increase from 2% to 5% (max 25%) Egg tower continue damage: Every 0.5 sec egg tower deals damage 10% for 5 sec to 10% max 3 stacks Wall reflect damage: Every soul level activate this effect increase from 2% to 5% (max 25%) Wall reflect damage: reflecting damage from 15% change to 20% 5 star dino souls: Egg tower continue damage: Every soul level activate this effect increase from 2% to 5% (max 40%) Egg tower continue damage: Every 0.5 sec egg tower deals damage 10% for 5 sec to 10% (max 15%) max 5 stacks Wall reflect damage: Every soul level activate this effect increase from 2% to 5% (max 40%) Wall reflect damage: reflecting damage from 15% change to 20% (max 40%) Wall decrease dino speed: Every soul level dino speed decrease 8% to 10% (max 70%)

Version 2.1.1 released on November 10, 2016
New in this Update: 1. Band: Band leader can write a Band introduction to the outsiders for recruitment at the band hall. 2. House of Chiefs (H.O.C.) Buildings: Anyone with H.O.C. pass can enter the building, help each other with their dino's soul level at their choosing and earn HOC pts in the process. 3. HOC pts: Helping other HOC member will grant you HOC pts, HOC pts can be use in the market for special items at a special price. 4. Market: Added HOC market, added Majungasaurus shards 5. Missions: Added "Building HOC" 6. Tribal War: Added refresh to tribal war to get the latest information. 7. Village info: Added info for village experience and protection time. 8. Combat items: Added information on warriors 9. Friend points summon: Added Nothosaurus (4 star) 10. Soul gems summon: Added Nothosaurus (4 star), Mamenchisaurus (5 star) 11. Dino soul set: "Warriors Blessing" (C. megalodon, Mamenchisaurus, Nothosaurus) Fix: 1. Market: All dinos now will have a chance to roll a 1 shard or 20 shards chance (except expsaurus) 2. Raid or Rank mode when battle fail will also give expsaurus shards 3. Friend list now show a more complete information, also moving sending clover into friend list rather then mailbox. 4. Fix warriors and building when destroy during invulnerable will be destroy normally. 5. Fix Spirit Walker when killed will be invulnerable effects 6. Fix some of the bug regarding invulnerable 7. Adjust winning ratio to only show ranking mode 8. Fix bugs for creating a band 9. Fix when leveling a dino when runes or soul is equipped will show a info to remind. 10. Fix Ratio problem with exploration. 11. Adjust dino soul level experience can now be level before hand, once your dino reach the soul level up criteria, dino soul level will automatically level up. 12. Adjust dino soul level experience to x1000, same kind of dino or soulsaurus will increase soul level exp by 1000. Balance: Dino Ability: Fear, Dark Fear, Soul Fear, During Fear (all kinds), Every normal damage the building takes will take 2% of it's Maximum HP. 3 and 4 Star dino souls (will not increase effects only chance): Monolophosaurus: only normal attack will recover HP 10% change to 6% Nanotyrannus: Only Normal attack will recover HP 10% change to 6% Beelzebufo: Activate when warrior normal attack change to when warrior take damage Megalosaurus: Building lose 6% per sec of its max HP change to 10% 5 star dino souls (can increase effects) Allosaurus: Warrior recover 1% max HP per sec change to 3% Brachiosaurus: Warrior recover 3% max HP change to 15% Amargasaurus: Warrior recover 1% max HP change to 15% Paralititan: Dino recovers 1% max HP change to 10% Quetzalcoatlus: Dino recover 1% max HP change to 2% Regaliceratops: Buildings lose 2% max HP per sec change to 5% Prognathodon: Dino recover 10% max HP change to 2% and continue for 5 sec Phosphatodraco: Dino's damage taken reduce by 3% change to 5% Saurophaganax: only normal attack can now recover HP Sarcosuchus: Warrior has 10% chance increase ATK change to 15% Passive skills: Stegosaurus and S. armatus passive ability changed to [Eruption]. Effect: At the start of battle, dino deals 100% more damage, this extra damage is reduced by 2% every 2 seconds. Triceratops and T. horridus passive ability changed to [Fountain of Youth]. Effect: Recover 1% of the maximum HP every second. Seismosaurus and S. carnegii passive ability changed to [Charged Strike]. Effect: Dino gains 1 energy everytime an ability is used, spend 2 energy automatically to deal 2 times the damage on the next normal attack. Amargasaurus and A. cazaui passive ability changed to [Iron Skin]. Effect: At the start of battle, reduce dino damage taken by 100%, reduce by 2% every 2 seconds. Argentinosaurus and A. huinculensis passive ability changed to [Blood Strike]. Effect: Every attack deals an extra damage equal to 8% of dino's maximum HP.

Version 2.1.0 released on October 18, 2016
New in this update: 1. Dino Stamina: We are changing the way players go to battle, dinos now will use a yellow bar as stamina and after each battle dino will be return to you in full health and will not cost you to feed the dinos. 2. Band members now can add each other as friends in the band hall much easier. 3. Rank mode now shows how much soul gems you have on UI. 4. Added new mission guide in the village to help players progress. 5. You can now press and hold on dino's icon in the market to know their details. 6. Summoning dino will now show new addition added in your dino book collection. 7. "House of Chiefs", HOC is the new identity name given to those who purchase any HOC pass in the shop. Purchasing any pass will grant you a special color name tag and extra privileges. 8. Dino zoo now shows in depth details on dino level, dps, HP and other details. 9. Optimize time limit during PVP battles when the time is up. Fixes: 1. Fix battle report showing incomplete updates 2. Fix Tribale war ranking problem 3. Ranking mode now are split into different rank intervals, each ranks now has it's own ranking board and rewards. Each week will be reset and players will be placed into a new ranking intervals with other players that have closer ranking and village levels. 4. Rank mode, you can no longer change your opponent automatically by waiting out the time. If your opponent can not be attack because of protection you will be automatically switch to a new opponent. 5. In rank mode, if you forfeit your battle, it will deduct your ranking points. 6. Fix an issue with battle report tutorial. 7. Fix an issue with protection time now showing correctly. 8. Fix an issue with tutorial button now closing properly. 9. Fix an issue with friend points and band donation reset time not showing correctly. 10. Recommend friends now only recommend active players. 11. Other minor bug fixes. Balance: "Warriors adjustment" 1. Spirit Walker now immune all hut's damage from skills 2. Spirit Walker changes from 50% to 100 % damage taken by the linked warrior is shared with the spirit walker. "Ability adjustment" 1. Roar, Power Roar, and Mighty Roar now gives 10% damage done to buildings back to self as heals. 2. Strike damage changes from 30% to 60% 3. Power Strike damage changes from 40% to 80%. 4. Mighty Strike damge changes from 50% to 100%.

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App Description

Attention to all players! If you lost your account due to our last update. Please contact us at FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/TDW168/ or Email: service@softstargames.com.tw We can help you get it back! World’s first pixelated dinosaur SLG game ● Explore the ancient world and build your own village.● ● Challenge your friends and players around the world.● ● Pixel art strategy game with interesting storyline.● Story: After the meteor hit the Earth the dinosaurs did not fully distinct….On this post apoc-alypse island human began to gather and form the three great tribes, Fire Tooth, Spike Tail and Wind Claw. Each thrive and prosper with the help of the mysterious totem that allows them to summon dinosaurs to aid survival. Harming the dinosaurs is strongly prohibited, but there are always rule breakers. Those people would slaughter dinosaurs and drink their blood, gaining mighty strength with the cost of losing sanity. In the end most dinosaur slayers would be filled with killing frenzy and slaughtering dinosaurs became their only purpose of living. The frenzied dinosaur slayers are named the blood barbarians by their relatives or friends and are banished to the frozen wasteland in the north. There is a rumor of a blood barbarian king that lives in the north and possess strength beyond even the mightiest dinosaurs. This barbarian king united the scat-tered blood barbarians and is planning to break through the combined defense of the three great tribes and salvage all villages. Chief!! Chief!! Please come~ We need to strengthen our defense! Game Features: ● Pixel Art Realistic and cute pixel art brings back the memories ! ● Realistic Dinosaur sound effects and animation More than 100 dinosaurs at your command with realistic animation and sound ef-fects, roarrrrrrrrrrr—————! ● A huge variety of strategies at your disposal Construct a wide variety of buildings to defend yourself from invasions or command mighty dinosaurs to invade other villages and crush their totems! ● Three Great Tribes Three different tribes each with their own unique artwork! ● Interesting Storyline Humorous conversations between the NPCs along with the dragon trainer Maya and the postman will slowly unveil the tale of the tribe! ● Invite your friends and join the raid even offline Real time social system, invite your friends to feed the dinosaurs or turn against each other for resources, even when they are offline!

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