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Whiteboard - Nothing more Nothing less


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Apple Productivity 5.1 July 09, 2015 4.42

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Version 5.1 released on July 09, 2015
Nothing more, Nothing less, Super Simple, Super Excellent. Installed Must; Small Space Usage with Only 5M. Simple Operation; Concise Interface. Wide Application; Quick Start Download it now!

Version 5.0 released on June 09, 2015
1. The new custom background function 2. The new picture mosaic feature When the background is a picture, the upper right corner will appear mosaic button, the point can start to mosaic the picture.. 3. Add a custom brush color feature 4. UI more clear graphic 5. Adapt to the latest equipment: iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus, iPad

Version 4.01 released on December 13, 2013
1.The drawing pictures can be saved as more high-resolution images. 2.You can print it as well as share it to the SMS, email or SNS (only suitable for IOS6.0 or greater ).

Version 4.0 released on October 03, 2013
1, The new sharing feature for IOS6.0 or later, The drawings can be shared on SMS, Email, Facebook、Twitter... 2, The new Eraser button, clear screen buttons, it's also can be hidden when your switch to the simple version. 3, The save drawings are crisp and more clearer!

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App Description

Nothing more, Nothing less, Super Simple, Super Excellent. Installed Must; Small Space Usage with Only 5M. Simple Operation; Concise Interface. Wide Application; Quick Start Download it now! 1. This is an extremely simple Whiteboard that is convenient for your work, life and study. It can not only be used to scratch, demonstrate, write and doodle, but also can be taken as your notepaper, provisional notebook, scratch paper for writing down words from memory or doing calculation, small blackboard, small whiteboard for family education, whiteboard of conference room, demonstration board for football and basketball coaches, painting of little children, etc. 2. The new function is mosaic for pictures. The background image can be a picture and you could doodle on it. Or you can choose the templates we provided such as football field or basketball court. All is as you wish. 3. Simple Operation: You can write with just one finger. Touch two fingers gently and you can erase what you have written. If you choose the concise page, touch three fingers gently and the screen will be cleaned. Shake your cell phone to save the pictures, or just press the button of “save picture”. 4. Concise Interface You can choose from the four colors and three pen strokes as you like. You can customize more colors for whiteboard pen. 5. The paintings you finished can be saved to high-resolution images into your photo album or print them directly. You can also share them through short messages, e-mails and social networks (only suitable for more than IOS6.0 version) 6. Frequently Asked Questions Question 1: Where are the saved pictures? Answer: In the photo album of your iPhone or iPad. Question 2: I could not save the pictures. The Whiteboard storage function was quite normal before. But after I upgraded the version to 6.0 or 7.0, the pictures cannot be saved. What happened? Please tell me. Thank you. Answer: This is owing to the new function of privacy protection in IOS6 and IOS7 . Please open: Settings >> Privacy >> Photo Then choose ”allow whiteboard to access your photo album ”. 7. Contact us: Email:readpad@126.com Wechat: readpad 6. Below is a selection of some users’ comments: 1) The best and simplest FIVE STARS ***** This is the best whiteboard app out there. Nevever had an issue with it and the latest update made it even better. Simple yet fully functional! 2) A must for IT sales FIVE STARS ***** This is the simplest (and best) white boarding tool I have found. I am in technology sales and often have to draw out a customers environment or draw the solution we are proposing. This tool is perfect for "over lunch" discussions as well as in the boardroom! 3) FIVE STARS ***** Does everything it says...., it is an awesome app and great for little kids! 4) Super Simple. Super Excellent. FIVE STARS ***** Does what it says -- Nothing more, nothing less. EXACTLY what I needed. 5) Love it FIVE STARS ***** This app is perfect. Simple and effective. Just what I need. Three colors and three thicknesses. A blank white space. One finger writes, two erases, three clears the board. Perfecto! 6) Smart white board THREE STARS ***** Well I love this app because I can save all my work. To open my files I just go to my pictures and there they are:) finally it is good for students because they can do the work,save,and come back to it at any time 7) Wonderful FIVE STARS ***** This app is great.I teach and it is very useful to teach on. It's just like a whiteboard

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Whiteboard - Nothing more Nothing less Screenshot Whiteboard - Nothing more Nothing less Screenshot Whiteboard - Nothing more Nothing less Screenshot Whiteboard - Nothing more Nothing less Screenshot

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