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Safe, Fast, Convenient and Cheap!
You can transfer money overseas online 24/7 with WireBarley app.

How inconvenient and time consuming is it to go to a bank to send money home? Not to mention all the fees! But your hard earned money is too precious and can't risk losing all of it by going to a money changer or asking someone to send via P2P. So you probably had to make a compromise and visit off-line money transfer company. Maybe a bit faster but still at a high cost!

Don’t go to a bank or offline transfer company any more. We have an optimal solution for you: WireBarley.

Up to 80% cheaper than going to a bank,
FX rate you can trust,
Convenient delivery options and transaction status update,
and Multi-language customer service.
Wire with WireBarley to enjoy safe, fast, convenient 24/7 services when you send money to family and friends overseas.

WireBarley will save you money and time so that you can spend them on the other important things.
Why Bank? WireBarley.

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