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Yammer by Microsoft,

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Apple Business 7.1.1 December 06, 2017 4.61

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Version 7.1.1 released on December 06, 2017
[IMPROVEMENTS] Groups Get a Few Touchups This update will adjust pieces—icons, buttons, warnings and other group details in the Yammer app—making sure everything is precisely where it should be. When the app’s neater, it’s easier to use. Also, we’ve fixed the problem that was causing the app to suddenly close whenever you downloaded an image.

Version 7.1 released on November 10, 2017
[FIXES] Lots of Good Reasons to Update the App This update will take care of 90+ bugs, so we've only listed a few fixes that you might notice: - MP3s are playing again. - The app no longer crashes when you’re trying to view notes or log back in. - Documents and Excel spreadsheets should load correctly. - Messages you read from push notifications should be marked as read in your Yammer inbox. - Mobile YouTube link previews are working now.

Version 7.0.4 released on September 25, 2017
[PREP] Making Sure Your Workflow Goes Uninterrupted The Yammer team has been preparing and optimizing the app for the new iOS 11 release. As much as we'd like to go into details about the bugs you won't see but might have encountered (ahem—maybe offset image previews in landscape mode), we're going to spend a bit more time working to prevent them instead. Go ahead and update the app to continue business as usual.

Version 7.0.1 released on September 01, 2017
[SPECIAL EDITION] The Quadruple Feature Release Yammer's iOS team just used its imaginary gift-wrapping skills to give away 4 good reasons to continually check the progress bar while installing this update. Here's what's new: 1. LINK PREVIEWS: No one likes mysterious URLs, so Yammer's added link previews to messages. When you add a link to a new message, you get a sneak peek at the article or site before you actually post it. 2. RESERVED GROUPS: These are dedicated groups for people connected to a certain assignment, location or community. Members of reserved groups must be managed by an Office 365 admin at your org. 3. GIF AUTOPLAY: You can look forward to faster skimming and more quasi smiles from your coworkers because GIFs will automatically play as you scroll conversations. 4. MATCHING TAB BARS ACROSS DEVICES: Now you can access your top four Yammer destinations (groups, feed, inbox and notifications) from your iPad the same way you would from your iPhone. [BONUS] Hexagon-shaped icons for easily identifying app-generated updates among your group conversations [FIXES] 80+ Bug Fixes Included Here are just a few of the issues you can resolve with this update: - Your profile picture not uploading - Messages not automatically reloading after being edited - Polls not reflecting the latest results - Your inbox not loading more messages - Youtube videos not playing in the message body - Being taken to your inbox's \"all\" tab when you have unread messages - Not being able to upload a group image when you're an admin of the group - Not being able to search a group because the search bar shifts when you tap it (on iPad) - Missing the \"loading conversations\" icon - A seemingly empty inbox upon first opening the app - The app being zoomed in on the message composer after just ending a phone call - Full-screen file previews not opening - Not being able to like messages from push notifications

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App Description

Yammer is the enterprise social network that helps you and your team collaborate openly and stay on top of it all. With Yammer, you can connect to the right people in your organization, share and search for information across teams and organize around projects and ideas so you can do more. With Yammer for iOS, work gets done anywhere. You can contribute and collaborate with your team, even on the go. - Collaborate openly with your team: share ideas, work together and iterate in real-time in Yammer groups, wherever you are. - Connect with everyone: don’t let the org chart get in the way. Yammer brings together people who share the same goals across the whole company or organization, so fluid collaboration just happens. - Stay connected: with Yammer for iOS you're just a tap away from coworkers, information and conversations. - Share photos and videos: snap a pic or capture a video, then easily share it with coworkers, regardless of file size. - Get interactive notifications: get notified of important activity right when it happens – and take action right from the lock screen of your iOS device. - Work across language barriers: bring down language silos in your organization with 25-language support in Yammer for iOS – including integrated, on–the–fly message translation.

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