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"Zolt helps you stay on the pulse with customized news summaries” – TechCrunch

“Get smarter. Download Zolt to get quality curated news summaries. I use it daily” – Jeremiah Owyang, Founder of CrowdCompanies, 14 th on the list of ‘Top 50 Silicon Valley Influencers’

“I love this app." – Paul Kemp, Founder of TheAppGuy Podcast

Spend a few minutes on Zolt each day and get updated on the news and happenings around you. We read the news from over 500 sources, curate the best stories and summarize them for you in sixty words. Whether it’s a news piece, magazine feature, video, blog or a GIF that’s starting to go viral, we will keep you informed. The stories are summarized and presented via simple to read cards that you can swipe through with ease. News can be personalized so if for example you don’t like politics and sports, you won’t get either. Wake up with Zolt and get in the know, quickly!


Summaries - Skim through the title of each story to get the gist and swiftly read our 60 word summaries to get updated quickly.

Videos and GIFs - Your news comes to life with our dynamic videos and GIFs.

Personalized News Categories - News is very personal so get the headlines that matter to you most.

Like it - Don’t just share it, Like it. React to the news with this feature which lets you to express your interests with a simple Like and help us personalize your news.

Minimalist design - The short news-cards are straight to the point and easy to read, so is our app design. Everything is a swipe away. We’ve designed the app so that you can swipe through our cards with one hand, because we know how crucial your morning coffee is. Move over newspaper, there is a new kid in town.

Dig deeper - Did the summary leave you with wanting more? Click on ‘read more’ to see the full source story where you can read till your heart’s content.

Share - We often come across news articles that really change our perspective, or stories that help us discover ourselves, for all those times, one-tap will let you share the story instantly.

On point - Every story has key elements which make them compelling, we get straight to the point, quick. We give the crux of the story in less than 60 words.

Bookmark - Want to save a story and revisit it later? Done, just bookmark it by double tapping on the card. The story will be there waiting for you in your bookmarks category.

Critical Alerts - Never miss the next trending or viral story. With elections around the corner, stay clued-up on all breaking and headline news with alerts that go straight to your phone. Notification alerts can be turned off easily.

Zolt categories: Personalized News, Top Stories, National, Business, Politics, Sports, Technology, Startups, Entertainment, Humor, International, Science & Health, Lifestyle

Sources you trust:
New York Times, CNN, Huffington Post, Reuters, USA Today, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Yahoo Sports, Politico, Mashable, TechCrunch, The Next Web, MarketWatch, Forbes, WSJ, BBC, YouTube, NASA, Nat Geo, Discovery, Entrepreneur, Vice, Entertainment Weekly, Lifehacker, Buzzfeed, Harper’s Bazaar, Pitchfork, ESPN and more..

What you will NOT find:

Fluff: Our news summaries contain only factual information and strip out the unnecessary verbiage.

Bias: We scour the web for the best stories of the day and present them for you independent of political, national or cultural bias. The only spinning we do is at the gym class.

Scrolling: None whatsoever, just swipe to get top stories and latest news.

In-app purchases - the app is completely free and there will be no in-app purchases to distract you from the news.

Install now and get your news from around the world in 60 words.

We would love to hear from you, if you have any suggestions or feedback please write to us at iphone@zoltapp.com

*Available on iPhone & iPad - it’ll work beautifully on both.

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