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4 Hacks To Increase App Retention and Engagement with Push Notifications

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4 Hacks To Increase App Retention and Engagement with Push Notifications

We had the pleasure to contribute to the blog of ASO-Perform-Apps (German ASO consulting company), founded by Maximilian Lehmann. In this post, we give app developers and marketers a few hacks to increase their app retention through push notifications. Discover how to keep your users with these 4 easy techniques.

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4 Definitive Hacks for an improved App Retention

A few years ago, mobile marketing was driven by installs and downloads, plunging app developers and marketers into a “quantity-over-quality” dynamics.

This obsession for new app installs characterized the newness of this immature market, leaving room for many improvements and adjustments.

Nowadays, retention and engagement are key metrics in mobile marketing. Companies seeking growth and long-time success must understand that it is crucial to retain existing users rather than aiming at acquiring new ones.

Indeed, focusing on retention has a much larger effect than topline growth. According to Gartner Group, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase business profits between 25% and 125%.

With the new technologies and all the available data, it is now easier than ever to build a smart, personalized and segmented marketing approach that will address a certain message to a certain type of users, at a certain time.

This “hyper relevant” marketing strategy is precisely what app developers and marketers should aim for in order to reduce their churn rate.

A survey conducted by Millward Brown Digital showed that 43% of US smartphone owners used 4 – 6 apps on an average day, while having between 40 and 70 apps installed on their device.

How frustrating can it be to put all these efforts into App Store Optimization and acquisition but then lose all newly acquired users within a few days?

Push notifications are a powerful weapon

A great way to prevent app abandonment and increase app retention is to use push notifications. If used wisely, smart push messages will remind users to open and use “sleeping” apps (apps that were installed on the device but forgotten about). This will ultimately increase the number of active app users.

Localytics has demonstrated that users who accepted push notifications for an app opened it 171% more than users who disabled them.

Push notifications can be promotional, contextual or simply informative. The most important is to wake the user up with interesting content that will make him open and use the app again.

If you’re new to this or if your push notification strategy was unsuccessful check out these 4 hacks that will help you deliver efficient push messages to increase retention and drive engagement.


1 – Find the right balance

Push notifications rely on an opt-in system: users should give their permission to receive some push content. Actually, about 46% of app users see push notifications as helpful.

However, the other half finds push messages to be an “annoying distraction”. You should therefore be careful while implementing your push notification strategy.

Depending on the essence of your app, it is important to find the right dose and deliver the right amount of message to your audience. Not enough would be useless, too much would most likely make the user delete the app.

A good way to proceed is to start with one notification and then […]

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