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5 App Growth Hacking Tips

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5 App Growth Hacking Tips

This is another guest post from our collaboration with Steve Young, founder of blog. If you’re wondering how you can grow your app business and increase profit, this article is for you. Check out these 5 actionable and powerful app growth hacking tips right away.

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Are you wondering how you can take your app growth to the next level, but you’re out of ideas to do so?

Have you come to your App Store Optimization (ASO) knowledge limits and don’t know what you can do to increase traction and get more app users?

Given today’s complex and competitive world of apps, needless to say that app marketing is tough and overwhelming. This article will give you five app growth hacking tips that will help you improve your app and achieve higher results.

1. Update your ASO regularly

A very important aspect to understand is that App Store Optimization is not static but rather an ongoing process requiring a lot of time and effort.

This translates to the fact that you need to make some regular updates and iterations in order to benefit from the best ASO results. Updates can help to improve your rankings, conversions, downloads and retention.

Depending on your app’s purpose, on your competitors’ strategies and on the various trends, it is recommended to update your ASO about every two months. Too frequent updates could confuse the algorithm (keyword indexing takes usually six weeks), harm your store position and give users a bad impression (e.g: changing your app name too frequently could create confusion).

However, updating your app every six to eight weeks gives the algorithm proof that your app is fresh and alive. Plus, it will help you find the right keywords to target and the most converting visuals (if you monitor closely the impact of your changes).

Another advantage behind frequent updates is that […]

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