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App Title: 4 Effective Hacks to Improve Your App Store Visibility

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App Title: 4 Effective Hacks to Improve Your App Store Visibility

This week’s collaboration is with Yalantis, mobile application development company. In this article, find 4 effective ways to improve your app title in order to maximize your app store visibility.

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Having a great app is only the beginning of your app developer or marketer road to success. There’s a lot to do in order to achieve your goals. Building a powerful marketing strategy is a crucial step in your journey. It implies to work on a whole set of element like PR, social media, backlinking, deep linking, app review mentions, ASO, SEO, and more.

In this post we will focus on App Store Optimization (ASO) (the process of improving your app store discoverability) and more particularly on your app title optimization.

Your app name is actually the most important piece of your app’s metadata. Discover how you can improve it with these 4 effective hacks that will increase your app store visibility.

1. Use the right length: 65 - 75 characters

One of the most important element to take into account in app title optimization is the length. Although it was previously allowed to use up to 255 characters, in practice Apple now only allows a maximum of 75 characters.

Not only this clearly restricts keywords stuffing in super long app titles, it also confirms that Apple wants to improve its user experience.



Plus, this new rule highlights the importance of keywords density. Indeed, using too many keywords in the same title will reduce their weight on the algorithm. Using a fair amount of keywords will however show the algorithm which keywords your app targets in priority. The algorithm will therefore rank your app higher than other apps using the same keywords in a longer title.

This is all a question of finding the right dose of keywords. We recommend using a short descriptive sentence of about 4 - 5 keywords, in addition to your brand name.

2. Include your most important keywords

Apple’s algorithm takes multiple sources of keywords into account to rank apps in the search results. The app title is actually the most powerful one, as it has the biggest influence. App name keywords research should therefore be taken very seriously into account.

If you want to maximize your chances of being found, it is important to target […]

Want to learn more? Read the rest of this post on Yalantis blog.