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Apple App Store Approval Now Reduced To Just One Day!

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Apple App Store Approval Now Reduced To Just One Day!

This is some great news for iOS developers. The approval of their apps will now be shortened to about 24 hours only. It will certainly encourage them to make more frequent app updates and therefore, improve the quality of their apps.

Apple intensifies the competition with Android

Who has never complain about Apple’s review process length? Submitting an app to the App Store has always been seen as painful by app developers, excited to finally launch or update their app but forced to wait about 10 days for it to be available on the store.

According to, quoted by Bloomberg, the approval time has now fallen from 8.8 days to 1.95 days in a year only.

By speeding up the development cycle, Apple highlights once more its efforts to enhance its services and user experience. Indeed, this new development seems to be the continuity of a recent series of changes regarding the App Store.

Back in November 2015, a major update of the App Store algorithm was released and it looks like it was only the beginning of a long sequence of improvement seeking to increase sales revenue from mobile applications.

Unlike Google, its forever rival, Apple checks and reviews app content before they’re released on the App Store. Submissions on Google Play are reviewed after they’ve been published on the store, giving more freedom to app developers.

Although Apple and Google have a different approach, Apple sets the tone and shows that the competition is fiercer than ever, as its app review time is now substantially reduced.

Less approval time = more updates = more quality?

With the acceleration of the review process, app developers are now able to fix bugs faster and release new features much more easily. This also enables them to react quicker to market changes and adapt their products and services accordingly.

It is only logical that app developers will update their apps more often and therefore, improve their quality. This will obviously please app users, getting more and more demanding.

Let’s hope that the overall quality of apps published on the App Store will keep on increasing.

App Store Optimization also impacted

With the app review approval time being shortened, app developers can also make more updates regarding their App Store metadata in order to improve their app’s discoverability and visibility in the store.

App Store Optimization (ASO) remains the best way to drive organic and quality downloads. By updating effectively their app keywords, titles or screenshots for instance, app developers will be able to maximize their ASO performance and increase installs and conversion.

It is recommended to make regular app updates to match the current trends and tendencies, but also to better understand the App Store algorithm in order to take the best out of it and stand out from other competing apps.

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What do you think of this news? Do you think that it’s a good idea? Share you thoughts below!