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Ciao a tutti! Italian Now Supported by our Keyword Tool

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Ciao a tutti! Italian Now Supported by our Keyword Tool

Although we had already announced it last week, we wanted to write an entire post on this great news… Italian has been added to our Keyword Tool! You can now find the best native keywords for your app in Italian, as well as 6 other languages. More details below.

Italian, the newcomer: 7 languages now available

About a year from now, we were releasing our Google Play Keyword Tool, enabling app developers and marketers to find the best keywords for their apps. At that time, our tool was supporting a total of 4 languages.

Since then, a lot of efforts have been dedicated to the addition of more languages. Dutch and Portuguese became available a few months ago. Today, we’re introducing Italian, which makes a total of 7 available languages for both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Portuguese and now, Italian.

But what does it means concretely?

It means that you now have the tools and the data required in 7 different languages to localize your app properly on AppTweak.

Not only you will be able to track Italian keywords performance, you will also be able to get Top Keywords, Suggested Keywords and Trending Keywords in Italian.


App Localization, the key to success?

Localization is getting increasingly important in terms of app marketing and App Store Optimization (ASO). At AppTweak, we place a particular emphasis on app localization as we seek to deliver the most relevant and reliable keywords & data in multiple languages.

A month ago, VentureBeat covered one of our users’ successful case study where this client actually gained +33% app installs after localizing his app. Some cases were even more successful and saw up to 10x increase in app downloads.

Although localization can bring amazing results and a lot more app users, localizing an app effectively remains a great challenge and requires a lot of work.

If you want to localize your app properly, you need to localize each element of your app (metadata) including your app title, keywords, description, screenshots and more, effectively.

Keywords research and keywords optimization are not easy tasks. The objective is to find relevant keywords with the highest Volume of searches possible and, at the same time, the lowest Competition possible.

Finding these keywords in one language is already challenging. Well, you will need to find such keywords in each language distinctively.

Localize your app effectively

One of the biggest mistakes is to find a great set of keywords in one language - let’s say English - and then use automatic translation to have these keywords in different languages. Easy but totally ineffective. Indeed, automatic translation is extremely misleading and does not take into account context, usage or trends. Worse, auto translation can bring totally irrelevant keywords. Check this blog post for localization worst and best practices.

soup-translation Source: K-International

This is the reason why, unlike other ASO tools or services, we have chosen to use native and optimized keywords instead of automatically-translated words. We have built homemade dictionaries with native keywords in 7 different languages. From there, we are able to provide with the Volume, the Competition and the KEI (Keywords Efficiency Index) estimations for each of these keywords coming from our dictionaries.


Along with these 7 languages, our Keyword Tool supports all alphabets and provides keywords app rankings as well as the total number of results per keyword. Top Keywords, Suggested Keywords and the Volume are only available for the 7 fully supported languages.

More languages are in the pipeline and will be launched very soon. Feel free to reach out if you have any specific requests.

For those of you who don’t know how our Keyword Tool works, you can read our latest blog post reviewing each section in details.

We hope that this news will please our Italian customers! :-)

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