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Danish and Swedish Keywords Now Available

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Danish and Swedish Keywords Now Available

Our Keyword Tool now fully supports Danish and Swedish! If you want to localize your app in Denmark and Sweden, you can use our data and keywords insights (Volume, KEI, Competition, keywords downloads, number of app results, etc.) in Danish and Swedish. An effective localization will boost your app rankings and downloads. Everything you need to know below.

10 languages available; 70+ countries

Back in June, we had launched Russian keywords, soon after we had added Italian to our Keyword Tool.

Today we’re happy to announce that Danish and Swedish are now available and fully supported. These are the first two Scandinavian languages that we support but we are already planning on adding more in the future.

Actually, if you have any specific language requests, do not hesitate to contact us.

As you may already know, here at AppTweak, we give a major focus on localization and internationalization. We work hard to provide you with the best tools and data to help you build an effective localization strategy.

Here are the languages supported on AppTweak: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Danish and Swedish.

You can therefore localize effectively and properly your app in these 10 languages and in over 70 countries thanks to AppTweak ASO tool.

App Store Intelligence data

Our Keyword Tool has been built on a unique methodology relying on native dictionaries. As covered by VentureBeat, our tools and features can help any app developer or marketer to localize their app successfully.

App localization is not about throwing a list of optimized keywords in English in Google Translate. Instead, keywords need to be wisely chosen according to the specific particularities of the language, country and store trends.

With that in mind, we have created 10 different dictionaries in 10 different languages. Each of these dictionaries includes native keywords (not translated words).

Then, for each keyword, we make search a query directly to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and we gather the results. This is how we are able to find the exact app keyword ranking for any keyword present in our dictionaries (20,000+ words per dictionary).

We then submit each keyword to our algorithms that will generate multiple insights like the Search Volume (popularity), the Competition or the KEI (Keywords Efficiency Index).

Now that we have added these two new dictionaries, we are able to provide app store intelligence insights on Danish and Swedish keywords.


As a reminder, our Volume estimate is calculated by taking the following elements into account:

  • Keywords density in app titles, descriptions and reviews from all apps.
  • The level of popularity and usage of the keyword in the language.
  • The exact mobile web search volume.
  • Keywords presence in the hints provided by Apple and Google.
  • The amount of keywords combined in key phrases.
  • Keyword’s length.
  • Apple exact Search Volume (English US keywords only for the moment).

You can find all details regarding our Volume formula in this post.

The Competition is based on the total number of app results and the KEI (Keywords Efficiency Index) takes both the Volume and Competition into account. Higher the KEI means higher the chances to rank for a specific keyword (high volume, low competition).

Danish and Swedish Keywords Suggestions

Along with the insights and indicators mentioned, many of our sections have now been unlocked for Danish and Swedish keywords.

From now on, you can get in both Danish and Swedish the following insights:

  • Suggested Keywords: a list of potentially interesting keywords to target coming from multiple sources like the app title, description, reviews, top ranked keywords, category keywords, competitors keywords and much more.



  • Trending Keywords: current trending searches on Apple.

  • Ranked Keywords: keywords placing the app between the 1st and the 100th position in the search results.


  • Auto-suggestions from Apple or Google: auto-fill suggestions keywords.

  • Category Keywords: all the best ranked keywords from the best apps from a category.


Last word

If our Keyword Tool fully supports 10 languages, it also partially supports any language and alphabet by providing keywords app rankings and the total number of app results per keyword. The rest of our features and data is available for the 10 mentioned languages.

We really do hope that the addition of these two languages will please you and be helpful for your app localization strategy.

If you don’t know where to start, check out this blog post to get localization worst and best practices.

More languages will be coming up very soon. Asian languages are already on the schedule, stay tuned! Feel free to reach out if you have any specific requests.

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