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How to Reply to User Reviews in the App Store

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How to Reply to User Reviews in the App Store

Fearing the reviews? Take them in your hands! App Store review replying now enabled! Discover our latest guest post written for AppSee blog and follow our tips to improve your app’s performance!

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The newest March iOS release (iOS 10.3) was, in a way, a dream come true for many developers. Apple has finally given the developers the possibility to react to their user’s reviews with App Store review responding. A feature, which Google integrated back in 2013.

The absence of the interaction, not only, was a headache for the developers, the users wouldn’t benefit either. Not being able to reach the app support or report a crash, the users were often left with no other choice than to leave a bad review. Even though it could point the developer’s attention to the bug, the developer would often have no means to let the users know that they have resolved the issue and/or implemented their suggestions.

Reviews and ratings are of vital importance to any app’s App Store Optimization (ASO). The impact they have is twofold. First of all, apps with higher ratings and a greater amount of reviews inherently lead to higher app store ranking and thus more organic downloads. Secondly, users are heavily influenced by other people’s opinions. The more positive and satisfied reviews an app has, the more likely will someone be to download it!

The latest release emphasizes the importance of encouraging users to post good reviews even more. Your whole strategy should be as engagement centric as possible.

Ask for it!

A solid review strategy should, in the first place, start with incentivizing your users to leave a positive feedback. This is yet another thing that has changed with the March release. Before, when a user wanted to leave a review in reaction to the pop-up, they would need to leave the app and do so in the App Store. That is now no longer the case. Thanks to the SKStoreReviewController, users can now leave their feedback without leaving the app whatsoever. At the same time, the amount of review prompts you can send to your users is now limited to three per year. Once the app is reviewed, the prompts can no longer appear.

Ask for it at the right time!

Given that now you will only dispose of three scarce prompts, it is crucial to use them wisely. We encourage you to ask your users to leave feedback at the right moment. This can either be at the time when they’ve earned a bonus or an accomplishment, or simply after a certain amount of time they’ve spent using the app. Generally, users will have already formed an idea about your app after the first few days.

Don’t forget that, other than fishing for reviews inside the app, it is also important to get your app reviewed (and deep-linked) by experts on different industry forums or app review websites. This strategy can be especially useful if you are a smaller app, whose user pool is still limited. By getting people speak about your app, you will increase your chances of getting more people to download it. To make the things quicker for you, we have already prepared a list of 200+ app review websites!

Dealing with the reviews

Once you have accumulated a certain number of reviews, you’ll notice that not all of them will be entirely positive. Although having some negative reviews is completely normal, even for the best and largest apps, it is important that you try to […]

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