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Increase Your App Downloads With Localization

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Increase Your App Downloads With Localization

This week, we had the great opportunity to collaborate with OpenXcell, one of the pioneers in mobile app development services. Discover the first part of our guest post on the best practices of app localization. 

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App Localization

You spent months building an awesome app. You’ve worked hard on your App Store Optimization and your app is selling well in English-speaking countries. However, on the other hand, you’re struggling to drive downloads and your traffic is terrible in non- English-speaking countries. Why the difference? It’s because you haven’t localized your app for non-English-speaking users.

But, what exactly is app localization? In simple terms, app localization is the process of making your app available in several languages. The App Store allows distributing your apps to over 150 countries and that too in 28 languages. It therefore represents a huge opportunity for app developers to find promising niches and in turn obtain great traffic in different types of market.

With smartphone penetration around the globe like never before, and with globalization spreading faster than ever with major advances in telecommunications infrastructures, mobile applications are getting increasingly popular in all parts of the world. This, however, does not mean that cultural and linguistic barriers are giving away: each country or region has its own way of apprehending things.

This is the main reason why, if you consider expanding your app business in other countries, you’ll need to optimize and localize your apps. The point here is to meet the local language and various cultural requirements in order to maximize your app’s performance. It therefore goes beyond simple translation: app localization is actually much more. It’s adapting your app to a specific culture, country and population. It demands lots of work and can be time-consuming.

That being said, it is important to make some researches and tests before you decide to localize your app thoroughly. The point is to know if it’s really worth doing and if you could potentially increase your downloads and revenue.

Getting Started with App Localization

After several market researches and after you’ve identified the most promising markets to target, it is highly recommended to start by localizing your app’s App Store Optimization (ASO) rather than jumping into localizing your app directly.


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