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iOS 12 release: What we know so far. App Store Optimisation on Apple is evolving!

iOS 12 release: What we know so far. App Store Optimisation on Apple is evolving!

It feels like it was yesterday that we were gearing up for the massive amount of changes that iOS 11 was bringing for all app marketers, app developers and ASO experts. If you want to remember what all those were, just read this article that we wrote when it came out.

Still, the release of iOS 12 is just around the corner, and here’s a couple of things we expect will have a big impact on your App Store Optimisation strategy.

Thanks to the beta versions, we already have some insights as to how iOS 12 will impact the work of app marketers and developers, although it’s always important to remember that Apple can decide to change/remove any of these features when it launches on Monday.

Based on the information we have so far, your App Store Optimization strategy in iOS 12 will have to take two main new features into consideration:

Users will get a more personalised App Store experience.

  • The “Today” tab will still feature stories and an app/game of the day, but those that are shown to users will be tailored to their personal taste and preferences to provide them with more content they might like.
  • The content of the previous week will no longer be displayed as thoroughly, but some apps will be included in a new “You may have missed” section.

This means that getting to the front of the App Store’s recommendations might just get a bit harder to control, since the algorithm will recommend apps based on current users’ interests. It might make it more difficult for apps to be discovered by a new user base.

Focus on privacy and compliance.

Developers will need to include a link to their privacy policy (what data you gather and how you use it) in the app’s metadata. That rule will be enforceable starting October 3rd. That data will have to be easily accessible to users within the app.

So, what now?

The official public release of iOS 12 on Monday, September 17 might reveal further features or details that were missed in the beta versions. We’ll keep you informed of everything you need to know for your ASO strategy on the Apple App Store, but in the meantime you can already start planning your new app release!

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