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Mobile Presence: AppTweak Brings App Store Optimization To The Masses

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Mobile Presence: AppTweak Brings App Store Optimization To The Masses

This week, we had the great opportunity to be part of a new Mobile Presence episode! Listen to this insightful conversion on App Store Optimization with Laurie Galazzo, our content strategist, Peggy Anne Salz, Top 30 Mobile Marketing influencer and Shahab Zargari, expert in mobile marketing and advertising. Wait no longer and fill your ears with actionable advices on how to boost your app store visibility. Listen to the episode right now on the famous, the premier online B2B Podcast & Radio Network.

Mobile Presence

**Snippet of the Episode: **

App Store Optimization (ASO), which builds on the foundations of search engine optimization, is considered THE best way to ensure relevant keywords and content related to your app will be picked up by app store search algorithms or hand-picked by app store editorial staff. It can be a huge (an ongoing task), but you don’t necessarily need a big budget. Our hosts welcome Laurie Galazzo, Content Strategist at AppTweak, a company headquartered in Belgium that offers affordable ASO tools and advice to help small and indie developers.

Laurie tells us about her company and provides practical advice you can follow to boost visibility of your app in the app stores. A special highlight: we discuss the ASO tool at the AppTweak website that allows app owners to create a AppTweak App Marketing Report.

Listen to the episode right here.

Share your ASO experience with us and let us know what App Store Optimization techniques and tools worked for you!