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Norwegian and Finnish Keywords Now Available

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Norwegian and Finnish Keywords Now Available

We’re happy to announce that Norwegian and Finnish have been added to our Keyword Tool! You can now use AppTweak to localize your app in Norway and Finland. Get accurate keyword suggestions, insights and performance indicators. Details below!

14 languages supported now, 16 soon!

As you probably already know, app localization is a powerful weapon to drive app organic downloads. If done properly, app localization can improve app discoverability and increase acquisition rate drastically. Also, using a local language in your app’s metadata helps optimizing conversion and, therefore, increasing revenue.

At AppTweak, we strive daily to build the most accurate, transparent and easy-to-use ASO tool. Our multilingual Keyword Tool is one of our main feature. Its particularity is that it doesn’t rely on automatic translation to provide with keywords suggestions and performance indicators. Instead, we are using native dictionaries for each supported language. Read everything about our multilingual Keyword Tool in this post.

A few months ago we were releasing Polish and Indonesian. Today, we’re happy to announce that Norwegian and Finnish have been added to our tool. We therefore now cover most Scandinavian languages (Danish & Swedish had been added last year).

This brings us to a total of 14 fully supported languages:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Dutch
  4. German
  5. Spanish
  6. Portuguese
  7. Italian
  8. Russian
  9. Danish
  10. Swedish
  11. Polish
  12. Indonesian
  13. Norwegian
  14. Finnish

Spoiler alert: two additional languages are already coming very soon!

Keywords Suggestions and Performance Indicators in Norwegian and Finnish

Not only you can have access to various keywords suggestions and category keywords, you can also check the Top 15 Organic Keywords bringing the most downloads to any app in Norway and Finland.

Our tool will also show you keywords used in the app description along with their density (Description Keywords.

You can also discover the Trending keywords in Norway and Finland as well as Auto-Suggestions from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Image Source: AppTweak

For each of these keywords, you have the possibility to track various performance indicators & insights in the Keywords Analysis table.

Amongst them, the Search Volume (Search Popularity), the Competition or the KEI (Keywords Efficiency Index)

Image Source: AppTweak

As a reminder, our Volume estimate is calculated by taking the following elements into account:

  • Keywords density in app titles, descriptions and reviews from all apps.
  • The level of popularity and usage of the keyword in the language (using movie scripts).
  • The exact mobile web search volume.
  • Keywords presence in the hints provided by Apple and Google.
  • The amount of keywords combined in key phrases.
  • Keyword’s length.
  • Apple exact Search Volume.

Find all details regarding our Volume formula in this post.

The Competition is based on the total number of app results and the KEI (Keywords Efficiency Index) takes both the Volume and Competition into account. Higher the KEI means higher the chances to rank for a specific keyword (high volume, low competition).


Our Keyword Tool now fully supports 14 languages but you can already get some indicators on any other language and alphabet. Simply choose the country you want for the app of your choice and select the “English” version. In the Keywords Analysis Tool, copy/paste any keyword you want to track (in any language/alphabet): you’ll get the app keyword ranking and the total number of app results for that keyword.

We’re working hard on adding more languages, especially according to customers requests. Please feel free to reach out letting us know which missing language you’d like to see on AppTweak!

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Are these languages going to be useful to you? Any requests? Share your feedback in the comments below!