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Привет! Russian Keywords Have Landed On AppTweak

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Привет! Russian Keywords Have Landed On AppTweak

Great news for all app developers and marketers localizing their apps in Russia: Russian is now fully supported by our Keyword Tool! You can now get insights on Russian keywords Volume, Competition, KEI, number of results and more. Find the best keywords to target and spy on your competitors’ Top keywords. More info below.

After Italian; Russian: 8 languages now available

A little more than a month ago, we announced the addition of Italian to our Keyword Tool.

Since then, development has accelerated a lot at AppTweak, to the point where we have decided to focus rapidly on a new language release: Russian.

As Russian relies on a Cyrillic alphabet instead of Latin, it was more challenging to build the dictionary behind our algorithms than it was for the other languages.

That being said, we are proud today to say that our Keyword Tool now supports a total of 8 languages and provides with distinct insights, data and keywords for each of them.

Here’s a recap of the languages supported: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian and now, Russian!

You can now localize your mobile application in Russian and in 7 other languages effectively.

Are included in this new release: Top Keywords; Suggested Keywords; Trending Keywords; Category Keywords; Volume, Competition and KEI (Keywords Efficiency Index) estimations, Keywords Performance Monitoring, and more… all in Russian.

How to use AppTweak Multilingual Keyword Tool Effectively

We cannot insist enough on the importance of localization in app marketing and App Store Optimization (ASO). Recently mentioned by VentureBeat for the effectiveness of our Keyword Tool, we try our best to provide you with useful functionalities and data that will help you tackle your app’s metadata localization.

If well-executed, localization can increase your organic app users and growth. In terms of keywords, AppTweak offers everything you need to optimize your app name, keyword field (for iOS apps), description and short description (for Google Play apps).

In order to fully benefit from the power of our platform, we recommend adding multiple competitors (different ones according to the country and language you’re targeting) to your analysis.

Adding competitors enables you to compare your app’s metadata, rankings and keywords’ performance with your competition in an easy and intuitive way.

It is then advised to add about 100 keywords per app per country and per language in your Keywords Analysis table.

If you’re lacking inspiration, don’t worry, we have built multiple sections offering keywords ideas:

  • Top Keywords: all the keywords for which your app is ranking between the 1st and the 100th position (as well as your competitors, if you have added some).
  • Suggested Keywords: potential keywords to target coming from the most recurrent keywords from your app reviews, app title, description and top keywords.
  • Trending Keywords: the current trending searches on Apple.
  • Category Keywords: the best keywords from Top Apps in a specific category.

From now on, these sources of keywords will all provide Russian keywords as well.


After you’ve created your list of +/- 100 keywords, we recommend making a thorough analysis of their performance according to their Volume of Searches and Competition indicators.

Then, the point is to reduce your initial 100 keywords list to about 30 keywords and, ultimately, keep the best ones for your app title and keywords (or description).

Make sure to do the exact same process for each different language.


Read how how our Keywords Research strategy works in details. You can also check this blog post to get localization worst and best practices.

One more thing

The addition of Russian to our Keyword Tool has been asked for a while now. We really hope that it will serve you in your ASO localization strategy.

In case you didn’t know, our Keyword Tool does partially support any language and alphabet by providing keywords app rankings and the total number of results per keyword. The rest of our features are available for the 8 fully supported languages.

And again, more languages are coming up. We’re going to tackle Asian languages very very soon. You are actually welcome to reach out if you have any specific requests.

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