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Say Hi to our Google Play Keyword Tool in English, French, Spanish and German

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Say Hi to our Google Play Keyword Tool in English, French, Spanish and German

After many requests and a lot of work, we’re proud to announce that a brand new Google Play Keyword Tool is finally available on our App Store Optimization platform! But that’s not it; this new release also includes multiple new features. Find out all the details below.

Google Play Keywords finally there!

Last month we released AppTweak 3.0, a brand new version of our App Store Optimization platform. This version included a large number of new features, various improvements and a whole new design. In case you’ve missed it, check out this entire blog article dedicated to this new version.

Today, we’re making a step forward in this wild ASO world. Our devs have worked hard on building a homemade algorithm capable of estimating both Search and Competition volume for any specific keyword.

Although it was already available for Apple App Store apps on our platform since quite a while now, a lot of customers told us that they were also seeking for a great tool to help them in their keywords optimization for their Google Play apps. As we always listen, we took every suggestion into consideration and worked hard on a tool that would hopefully match your expectations.

Find the Best Keywords for Your Google Play Apps

As you must already know, finding keywords that will bring you installs is not an easy task. It’s all about finding the right balance between relevance, search volume and competition volume. Thanks to our advanced technology and aggregated data, we’ve made your keywords research easier and less time-consuming.

First of all, our algorithm provides you with keywords that match your app and gives out the rank of your app for these keywords. This is the “Top Keywords” section. It gives you a great overview of how your app is doing on the store and let you know which keywords actually match your app. It’s also interesting to go on your competitors’ apps and see what their Top Keywords are.

As an example in this post, let’s take the famous app Runtastic Running & Fitness (free version). This is how the “Top Keywords” section looks like:

Runtastic Running & Fitness

Top Keywords EN

Then, right underneath this section, you’ll get a list of Suggested Keywords. These keywords are potentially interesting keywords that you should consider targeting. They come from a series of various sources like recurrent words from your app description but also from your reviews and ratings, media mentions and also from your competitors.

Suggested Keywords EN

Below comes our powerful “Keywords Analysis”. Just like for our iOS Keywords Tool, you can now see how your app (and your competitors) rank for any keywords you want. You also get the Search volume and the Competition volume estimations for these keywords.

However, we want to be totally honest with you.  It’s important to point out that, unlike for Apple App Store apps, these estimations are extremely challenging to find since Google Play is more secret than Apple. For example, for the moment, Google Play only provides us with the first 250 results for a specific keyword. In other terms, this means that we are not able to make an accurate competition estimation for a keyword that would match more than 250 apps. Therefore, we chose to put 88 as the default competition volume for keywords that are matching more than 250 results in the Google Play Store. Keywords matching less than 250 apps on the store will have a better Competition estimation since we have the exact number of apps responding for these. We’re already trying to find a solution in order to be able to provide you with the most accurate results possible. </blockquote>

Ultimately, your objective is to find keywords with a high relevancy and a high KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index). The KEI is a number between 1 and a 100 indicating the level of efficiency for a specific keyword. Keywords with a high volume of search and a low volume of competition will have a higher KEI.

Keyword Tool EN

To facilitate your life, we brought all the keywords from your Keywords Analysis in a 4 quadrants graph. This is the “Keyword Position” section. It displays all the keywords you’ve analyzed according to their KEI. This makes it easier for you to directly visualize which keywords are the best. They would be located in the upper-left quadrant since it’s the quadrant with low competition but a high volume of search.

What’s amazing is that you can type in any keyword of your choice and get its full analysis. I guess you’re now ready to tweak your keywords!

For the moment, our Keyword Tool is available for the following countries/languages:

  • United States – English

  • United Kingdom – English

  • Spain – Spanish

  • Germany – German

  • France – French

Of course, we’ll be working hard on adding more countries and languages very soon! Just like our iOS Keyword Tool, the keywords we provide and suggest in multiple languages are totally native. In other words, they are not just English keywords that we translated to another language on the same app. Automatic-translation can be misleading and is not recommended for app localization. If you want to learn more about this, check out this blog post to get the best practices of app localization.

New kicking ass features

Aside from our new Google Play Keyword Tool, we’ve also worked on a series of new features that will certainly simplify your App Store Optimization work.

- Highlight Top Keywords Description

As we did for your app name, you’ll now be able to see the most recurrent keywords from your description as well as your competitors’. This will let you easily monitor your competitors’ copy strategy and see what keywords they’re using to speak to their users. This feature is available for both Apple App Store and Google Play Store apps. What’s even more awesome is that if you mouse-over any of these highlighted keywords, you’ll get their ranking for your app. This feature is available for the countries and languages mentioned above.

Runtastic France - FR

Runtastic Description FR

Spain - Spanish

Description ES

Germany - German

Description DE

- Compare Your Screenshots and App Preview with Your Competitors

Our latest release was meant to allow you to monitor your competitors in an extremely easy way. Indeed, on the same report, you’re able to compare each of your ASO factors to your competitors without switching from one window to another.

You can now display and compare your screenshots to your competitors in just a click. How cool is that?

Screenshots Comparison

We’ve also made this comparison feature available for your App Preview.

These comparison features are currently only available for iOS apps but we’re working on adding them for Google Play apps very soon.

- Apple Watch Availability and Screenshots

With the recent arrival of the Apple Watch and the new opportunities that it represents, our reports now detects the availability of an app for the Apple Watch and displays all its Apple Watch screenshots.

Apple Watch Details

Apple Watch Screenshots

Guess what? We’re already working on a new release!

The new AppTweak 3.0 has been barely launched, now it’s AppTweak 3.1… and we’re already working on a new release that will be coming up very soon! We’re focusing intensively on answering to your app marketing needs and demands.

Please, give us your feedback; let us know what you think of our new features. Tell us if it’s being helpful to your ASO strategy or if you’re still struggling to get it done. Give us your suggestions, ideas of functionalities or data you’d like to have, anything, really. Let us know!

It would also be extremely appreciated if you could share this post on your social media accounts, it would really help us moving forward.

And of course, as usual, don’t hesitate to reach out anytime by clicking on the small question mark at the bottom right of every page. We’re always answering!

Enjoy the new AppTweak 3.1!

So, what do you think of our new features? Actually, are you an iOS or Google Play developer? How’s your app marketing doing? Let us know in the comments below, thanks! 

The AppTweak Team