Benjamin Günther

Managing Director, Growfirst

Growfirst is a young mobile marketing agency with focus on organic growth strategies such as ASO, Lifecycle Marketing or Referral Campaigns

German, English
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We offer our services via Workshops (fixed price) or managed services (man days).

Interview with Benjamin Günther

For how long have you been involved in ASO or app marketing?

It’s now almost 2 years since specializing in mobile marketing.

What was it about this industry that made you choose it as a primary job?

Actually because of my already present interest in anything related to the mobile industry, I realized that mobile marketing in general is such a big thing especially in the states on the one hand and how unimportant or rather unfamiliar the topic is to german marketers on the other hand. So it was and still is an unique opportunity as well as some kind of a mission to introduce these powerful marketing means to my fellow german colleagues.

What should be the biggest focus for app developers and marketers in 2017?

I can only speak for the german speaking realm as it’s the market we focus on. And there it’s all about just doing stuff. People start to realize that an app does not market itself and blind performance marketing isn’t the solution for everything. But everybody is still just talking. Too few companies take the actual step and invest some money in testing new marketing approaches for their app. So in my opinion the biggest focus should be to get from a “first develop it-then market it (if there is any budget left)”-mindset to a “develop it with a clear marketing plan”-approach.

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