Egerup Kjærulff

Brian Egerup Kjærulff

CEO, Mobtimizers

ASO and app marketing specialist working internationally with optimization, CPI campaigns & experiments for clients such as ARLA and LEGO

Danish, English
Pricing Type
Monthly retainer, Contract services at fixed prices and Project-based pricing.

Interview with Brian Egerup Kjærulff

What was it about this industry that made you choose it as a primary job?

I worked in a leading European bank for almost 5 years. In that period, I optimized the bank’s web and mobile web portals by applying analytics methods like SEO, A/B testing and personalization. I realized that the way most companies manage and develop mobile apps was lacking this fundamental approach. And that is still the case, today. This is the foundation for Mobtimizers. In regards to ASO and Mobile SEO, there is still a huge need for more knowledge and experience to get the best possible business value out of mobile apps. Especially within App Store Optimization and building app loyalty.

How do you see the world of ASO and app marketing evolving?

I see the App Stores becoming even more competitive and therefore App Store Optimization will gain more importance. More data and analytics tools will emerge in this field, and will become more complex - hence the demand for specialised knowledge will grow as well. The algorithms will be more advanced and will take more factors into account. Uninstall rates and app loyalty will have a heavier weight in the algorithms in the future.

If we look a bit broader than ASO, we expect to see that influencer marketing will be more integrated into the marketing mix. And we’ll see content marketing approaches to increase downloads and retention. I also believe that we will see aspects of app marketing being automated.

iOS Search Ads is a new feature that we have been working with and it should have an interesting impact on the evolution of app marketing.

What should be the biggest focus for app developers and marketers in 2017?

The profusion of ASO has become worldwide and most corporations are utilizing it or getting on board now. The next big focus would be engagement and retention. App developers and brands really need to think about the audiences for their apps, their business objectives and the business model behind the app.

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We increased conversion by 3x, with optimizing description, icon, screenshots, keywords, and by localizing language. We also achieved 200% ROI by managing, configuring, and optimizing App Store Search Ads.
Brian Egerup Kjærulff