Gabriel Kwakyi

CEO, Incipia

Gabe has authored 100+ articles on ASO and Apple search ads and manages app marketing for apps like Weatherbug, Keepsafe and Hushed

Pricing Type
Hourly-based for ASO consulting and management

Interview with Gabriel Kwakyi

For how long have you been involved in ASO or app marketing?

I have been working on ASO since late 2015, and prior to that I worked for Microsoft Bind Ads, where I helped clients manage their PPC strategies, and consulted on SEO on the side. Having experience in web-based keyword optimization parlayed quite nicely into the world of ASO!

What was it about this industry that made you choose it as a primary job?

I'm one part data nerd, one part learning nerd and one part technology nerd, so naturally I find myself intrigued by the current trends of technology, where data can be gathered by the petabyte and analyzed for better decision making. Microsoft was an amazing company, yet mobile was something that Microsoft was still trying to figure out and I wanted to get into the field sooner than later. And in this vein of thought, while apps are our bread and butter, my Co-Founder and I are researching and thinking about how we can evolve our company focus into the next wave of technology, whether that is AR/VR, the IoT, chat-based services or something else. It will be very interesting to see whether these upcoming types of apps will be distributed any differently, and how mobile marketing will continue to change.

How do you see the world of ASO and App marketing evolving?

I see ASO very soon expanding to incorporate a larger focus on in-app indexing as Google works to bring this technology the masses. Currently keyword-based ASO is focused mostly in-store, but I think that [...]

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Using AppTweak’s extensive keyword research features, we performed a title/keywords optimization for one of our clients, who had a paid app. After the update, this client’s impression volume increased by about 200% day over day, and their sales have been setting records with each new week since the change.
Gabriel Kwakyi