Lee Blyth

Founder, Approots

10 years+ Mobile experience. Specialise in ASO, Device Search, and all aspects AARRR growth.

Pricing Type
Day/Retainer - flexible dependent on need.

Interview with Lee Blyth

Tell us about your most challenging ASO “experiment”

A client we recently worked with had an issue with conversion rate on their App Store listing. They were actually new to the concept of this metric and were investing in paid media, probably not getting as many installs as they should be. Users were viewing the page but not downloading, in line with the vertical average.

I deduced after many tests that the logo was the culprit (although I knew from day 1!) and the client finally admitted it needed to change.

Logo design changes can be quite hard to initiate if the company is large and uses the same assets online or offline, or on TV. Yet App Stores need to be viewed differently as the screen real-estate is much smaller. Getting this mindset change to a new design was not easy!

We finally A-B tested the logo with TestNest and immediately saw improved results. The data told the story and initiated the change. The tricky part was ‘stakeholder’ management. Stakeholders in larger businesses can be emotionally connected to their brand assets and need convincing of change!

Tell us about your experience with AppTweak and give us your favorite feature.

AppTweak is the most progressive ASO tool I use, and I use a lot. Currently the integrated Paid Search data is really interesting. Having everything in one place is very useful. You guys update the tool frequently so there is always something new to test. Keyword volumes and suggestions are fantastic tools.

Do you have any “masterchef” ASO tips?

Of course! Google Mobile search can drive installs from App specific keywords from Mobile Search. Free! Check out all the keywords your brand ranks for or does not. Add the work ‘App’ to a keyword on your Mobile and see how your [...]

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