Blur Number Plate

Blur Number Plate

Easily hide your car's number plate automatically by using the app!

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    January 20, 2019

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  • Blur Number Plate screenshot
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Very high accuracy offline algorithm quickly processes an image taken by camera* or loaded from smartphone's memory* and blur it out. The algorithm is able to recognize multiple number plates in an image.

A handled image can be saved in a smartphone's memory. Share the image with on social networks, e-mail etc.

There is wide range area of application appliance:
- Protect privacy of car's owner
- Car detailing and car wash services
- Car shops, car dealers
- Car tuning
- Car websites and portals
- Car clubs meetings
- Car photographers

You can apply your own logo to image corner. Please check Settings area for an application.

Our app has ***NO ADS***.

Prerequisites and limitations:
1) A sharp and clear image will assure best plate recognition and blurring.
2) Too sharp angle could affect a plate recognition.
3) Too small image size. Please load image having at least 1000 px width or height.
4) Android Marshmallow/Nougat: Overdraw issue during first application launch, could be solved by temporarily disabling Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twilight.

* This version is limited up to 10 new captures/handle existing images during a month.
( You also have a low price subscription, use it for short time such as week or month )

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